Alaska and polar region cruises have become very popular over the last few years due to the spectacular views and experiences they can offer up, including seeing the Northern Lights. Going on an Alaskan cruise is an experience in itself, but documenting everything you see is very important for creating the perfect memories. Whatever you do, do not forget your camera when heading out of an Alaskan cruise holiday; you’ll definitely regret it.

Some of the important equipment you might need, include:

  • A DSLR camera: Nikon and Canon cameras have proved to provide the best images. Using a DSLR camera gives you high quality and many more settings which you can change to take the best picture.
  • Tripod: This is essential for capturing the perfect image of the northern lights. Keeping your camera still is very important, especially when the Northern Lights appear to move. You need to keep your camera as still as possible to capture that perfect image.
  • Wide-angle lenses: These are perfect for capturing the widest picture possible to make sure you have everything you want in one image.
  • Batteries: Don’t forget to fully charge your batteries and bring an extra set. You never know how long you’re going to be using your camera for and when the batteries will run out.
  • Flashlight: Capturing pictures of the Northern Lights can only happen during the night, so having a torch will help you to see the buttons on your camera and change the settings to make sure everything is perfect.
  • Gloves: Obviously, it is going to be quite chilly on your Alaskan cruise, so make sure you have comfortable, flexible gloves which you can keep on whilst taking amazing pictures.

Alaska and polar region cruises can be very beautiful and capturing each moment is very important. The Northern Lights is one of the best sights to see on this world and are loved by many. If you want the greatest picture, here are some different settings you might want to think about before pressing the camera button:

  • Wide lense: To capture the perfect image of the Northern Lights and other amazing scenery you may see whilst on your Alaskan cruise, widen the lense on your camera. Look for a vast image with either the ground or buildings in the lower half of the image to show scale and context.
  • Manual Mode: Having your camera in manual mode will give you the best control over your camera and the images you take.
  • ISO: Lower your ISO to 200. Depending on your camera, you may need to adjust this to make sure the image isn’t too dark.
  • Shutter Speed: Shorten your shutter speed to 30 seconds if possible. This will provide you with the best quality picture, which is important, especially when taking a picture of the Northern Lights – which you don’t get the opportunity to see all the time.
  • Align your shot: Attach your camera to your tripod and adjust it to ensure the shot is perfectly lined up. If you need to, move your camera and tripod so you have a better position.
  • Check your picture: Take a few pictures and check to make sure they’re perfect. If they’re not, readjust your tripod and camera and take a few more photos. Follow this process until you’re happy with your shot.

The only other advice we have to offer at Cruise Nation is to take as many pictures as you possibly can. The more pictures you have, the better chance you’ll have of collecting a range of perfect shots. Alaska and polar region cruises are great to experience but we’re sure you won’t get the opportunity to go on one of these holidays very often, so document the moment whilst you can!