A Transatlantic cruise means 5-7 days on the open sea travelling towards your destination. This time is part of your holiday, so make sure you don’t waste it!

Here are a few suggestions of ways to spend your time to make sure you get the most from your cruise:


Your cruise ship will have plenty of places where you can kick back and relax. Make the most of them and you will feel reinvigorated before the more active part of your holiday begins. Use this as a time to sit by the pool or in the sauna.

Take in your surroundings

Being in the middle of the ocean with nothing to see in every direction is a strange experience. Be sure to set aside at least a moment to take in this feeling of isolation and relaxation. Spending a bit of time each day outside in the fresh air will help make you feel better.

Keep Active

A transatlantic cruise crosses time zones in a gradual manner. This means that the first few days of your holiday will not be ruined by exhausting jet-lag. Combat any chance of this happening by remembering to keep active. Take advantage of the various clubs and activities which will be happening during your journey.

Stay up late

Your cruise will have plenty of things going on late at night. Because there will be no shore excursions to be up early for the next day, you should experience as many of these as you can and use the daytimes to catch up on your rest.

Enjoy the food

With a wide variety of food options available, and with it being all inclusive on most cruises, you have no excuse not to enjoy the food! No matter what you want to eat, your ship should provide it, from snacks to sit down meals.

Make friends

Being on a ship for five to seven days will invariably lead to you getting to know your fellow passengers. A cruise is a great time to embrace your social side and get to know people through shipboard activities.

Have you ever been on a Transatlantic cruise? If so, how did you choose to spend your time? Leave a comment below and let us know.