Looking for a little travel inspiration? From sunsets with #NoFilter to blissful beaches, these #Travelgrams are sure to fill you with wanderlust.


Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can never perfectly capture the beauty of the panoramic vista which stretches out before us. Thankfully, whilst we’re still wondering if we need the flash on or off, there’s a pro photographer out there who’s snapping away and getting a National Geographic worthy photo.

Whether you want some inspo for where to visit on your next trip away or some creative travel photography ideas, then check out 10 of the Best Travel Photographers that you need to be following on Instagram in our list below.


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1. Foster Huntington
It might interest you to know that Foster was previously a designer for Calvin Klein – and his Instagram is probably not what you’d expect from the modern, clean cut, straightlaced brand. Foster’s Instagram feed is rustic and wholesome, reminding us it’s not where you go… it’s who you’re with! If charming little treehouses, flickering camp fires and VW’s on the open road are your thing, then prepare to fall in love with Foster.



🚤 make waves // also, this water is unreal! 🌊

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2.  Travel Food Love What we love about this account is the detail with which each photo is composed. Each snap is perfectly balanced to draw you in and make you look a little longer. If you’re a foodie at heart, you’ll also love the mouthwatering pics of dishes served up from destinations all over the world.



Bright Umbrellas #antalya #umbrella #colourful #picoftheday #neonjellyfish #turkey #sky #tourism #wanderlust

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3. Lee Charlton
As a professional photographer, Lee is a complete genius when it comes to capturing colour. Just take a look at his photos of umbrellas and lanterns from Turkey to see some of his most captivating work. The intense, rich colour almost makes us feel like we’re there ourselves!



Why people ever cut down such beauty blows my mind, it makes me sad when I see Giant Sequoia stumps.

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4. Trevor Lee Trevor’s Instagram account is one which will inspire you to reach for your hiking boots and backpack so that you can set out to explore the great outdoors. From forests of Giant Sequoias, to tranquil lakes and snow capped mountains, Trevor’s Instagram is sure to give you a serious case of the travel bug!



5. Cole Rise

With each and every photo being different to the last, Cole’s Instagram account is a treasure trove of travel inspiration that has us reaching for our passports. With his photos being shot from all sorts of unique angles, Cole is most certainly an intrepid traveller. One of our favourite pictures of Cole’s is of the local hero who found Cole’s camera lens after riding around Wadi Rum (above).



6. Trey Ratcliff With a certain expertise for perfectly managing to capture the clouds and stars in the sky, Trey’s pictures take on an almost magical appearance. We’re not quite sure what it is about Trey’s photos but we think he manages to capture the culture and bustle (or in some cases remoteness) of the destinations he visits. Quite frankly we just want to move into Bilbo’s Hobbit House right about now! #Cosy



7. Matthew Karsten
There’s one thing for sure, Matthew Karsten doesn’t just visit a destination – he lives it! This is one adventurous Instagram! If you want to see surfing, white water rapids and local wildlife in locations like Turkey, Costa Rica and the Phillipines – then this is an Instagram account you won’t want to miss.



Photo captured by @wanderlustaddiction | #Istanbul #Turkey | September 2011 | #Nikon #D90 | An #ironworker shows his handiwork inside a small old factory shop in Istanbul. Moving seeing the environment these gentlemen work in. Various trinkets line the walls of the tiny square room. These guys claimed to be able to replicate almost anything. You can see the molds stacked almost six foot high. Want to visit? Contact Kemal Nuraydin at Istanbul Photo Workshops. | #wanderlust #vagabond #traveladdict #travelphotographer #travelingtheworld #neverstopexploring #lonelyplanet #natgeotravel #ig_travel #igworldclub #lpfanphoto #willworkfortravel #wanderlustaddiction #exposuredphotography | @natgeotravel @lonelyplanet @thephotosociety @natgeo @travelandleisure @bbc_travel @kmlnrd

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8. Wanderlustaddiction Travelling is always made better when you get to meet the local people. There’s always a character with a story to tell or some interesting facts and history about landmarks and points of interest around the region. The Wanderlustaddiction Instagram is one to follow if you want to see the people, as well as the places.



9. Lauren Bath
There are so many interesting things to see on Lauren’s Instagram, we could spend all day looking at her pictures of Australia and New Zealand! Whether it’s the food, activities or places of interest – Lauren manages to capture all the elements of her travels that we love to see! Hit that Follow button now… you know you want to!



10. Murad Osmann

You’ll have probably seen some of Murad’s photos already. Buzzfeed, Mashable and Huffington Post have all featured his series of #FollowMeTo photos. Very deservedly too as each photo really does make you stop and stare look, taking in every intricate detail that he manages to capture. The person featured in Murad’s photos is his wife Nataly Osmann. The pair recently married and you can see some of their jaw-droppingly amazing photos from the day itself as well as the honeymoon on Murad’s account. In each photo Nataly leads Murad by the hand, her back to the camera whilst she stands in front of the most stunning vistas and famous landmarks from around the world.
What do you think of the Instagram accounts we’ve recommended here? Which one is your favourite? Perhaps you know of another great account we missed out on – if so let us know about them in the comments below!