Cruise and Maritime Vegan CruiseIt is no secret that the World has adapted and recognised that there is a huge demand for Vegans and according to figures from the Vegan Society, the number of Vegans in the UK has risen 350% over the past ten years!

Cruise & Maritime Voyages seem to be jumping on this growing trend, and yesterday released details of a special Vegan Only Cruise which is a world first in Ocean Cruising.

Departing from London Tilbury on the 25th September and taking in the ‘Majestic Fjordland’ aboard the Columbus, CMV promises to offer a 100% Vegan experience for passengers who have chosen a vegan lifestyle.


What will this cruise offer Vegans?

  • 100% Vegan menu
  • Wellness programme including Pilates and Yoga
  • Vegan toothpaste making class
  • Vegan cheese making class
  • Guest Speakers


Are CMV onto Something?

Fries veganAll cruise lines cater quite well for vegetarians, with a number of vegetarian options available in the buffets and main restaurants. But for a vegan, cruising can be quite difficult – A vegan planning to take a cruise would need to speak to the cruise line before booking, to check that items such as dairy-free milk would be made available for their cruise. However, not all cruise lines will be able to cater to this, in which case a vegan would have to arrange to bring their own on board and this is at the discretion of the cruise line.

It is also worth noting that the CMV Columbus is usually an adult only ship, however for this particular itinerary they will welcome children on board to enjoy a Vegan only cruise with their families.

So, what are your thoughts? Is this a new niche market that could work in the cruise industry? Is it worth other cruise lines following suit and stocking up on Vegan only food items?

If you are a vegan or are interested in becoming vegan, why not try this one of a kind cruise? Visit our Cruise and Maritime cruise page for more info or Call us now on 0800 408 0757.