With its gorgeous coastline on the north and village and vineyards in the South, it’s easy to see why the picturesque Lake Garda is so popular with tourists in Italy. Nestled below snow-capped mountains and fairy-tale medieval castles, this is a magical destination offering a diverse landscape.

Discovering the Magic of Lake Garda, the Essence of Italy

Lake Garda comes in at more than 50km long and 15km wide and is easy to explore via ferries and river cruises, which is often linked to a trip to the picture postcard town of Venice. The lake offers an endless source of holiday activities and the expanse of water and varied countryside makes it a true outdoor recreation ground.

Mountain lake Lago di Garda

Things to Do in Lake Garda

Outdoor Activities

Lake Garda is famous for its fantastic array of classic water sports, such as sailing and windsurfing. It’s the ideal spot for these activities because of its constant, steady and punctual winds, the driving forces behind the lake’s successful sailing events.

LAKE GARDA,ITALY - Outdoor Activities

If you would like a spot of windsurfing, head to the northern part of Lake Garda, which is dotted with multiple surf centres that teaches the sport as well as hold national and international windsurfing events for both young and old. If you’re more of an adventure seeker, you can try out a thrilling kite surfing lesson or explore canyoning. Scuba diving and snorkelling conditions are also great as the clear water gives you great views of the lake bed.
One of the most breath-taking views of the incomparable Lake Garda can be seen by taking a flight on a paraglider from the top of Monte Baldo. Or if you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, you can enjoy the nature and greenery by walking or cycling around the lake and plateaus. Mountain bikers can relish more than a thousand kilometres of dedicated trails.

Savour Local Cuisine

Your taste buds will simply delight in locally sourced Italian Cuisine, where food miles are kept low due to the abundance of citrus trees, vineyards and olive groves. Why not sip some fine wine or limoncello liqueur with some mouth-watering pizza, pasta or sun-dried Lake Garda fish?

GelatoThe towns and villages surrounding the lake are literally overflowing with fine restaurants, bistros, cafes and gelato parlours. A good tip is to try the less touristy restaurants off the beaten track as they often have better food and drink at much cheaper prices. You may want to learn a bit of Italian or use a translation app there though as they often don’t speak English and ordering through pointing and gesturing can be tricky.

Sightseeing Opportunities

Whether you are looking for museums, archaeological sites, historical sightseeing, open air antique market or natural parks, there is something for everyone. A particular highlight is the magnificent town of Sirmione, known as “the pearl of the islands and peninsulas” situated on the lake’s south bank and famous for its thermal water with its healing properties.

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