Hurricane Season

What You Need to Know About Cruising in Hurricane Season

With Hurricane Florence sweeping through the US East Coast bringing with it heavy rains, strong wind and catastrophic floods, it brings the possibility of hurricanes during cruises back to the forefront of our minds.  Having seen or heard about the devastation caused by the hurricane, cruisers are asking whether it’s worth it to book a cruise to the Caribbean, Bermuda, Bahamas, Mexican Riviera or the rest of the US in hurricane season. Our answer to this question is that yes, it is statistically worth it, if you are willing to take a small risk. You will be paying less for your cruise if you’re willing to take the gamble and […]

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Norwegian Bliss in Alaska rendering

Top Ten Things You Don’t Need to Worry About on Your Cruise

So, you’re thinking of booking a cruise or you already booked it, but you have lots of niggling worries?  We look at the top ten things you really don’t have to worry about when getting ready for your cruise as long as you plan ahead. Missing Your Cruise or Flight Instead of worrying that you will miss your cruise or flight, make sure to leave early or go a day ahead of time to ensure a relaxing start.  If you need to book a flight home afterwards, you will be fine as long as the flight is in the afternoon. Getting Sea Sick We have all seen and heard stories […]

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Cruise Ship Safety

Tips on How to Stay Safe on Your Cruise

After a British tourist fell overboard a cruise ship in the Adriatic this week, there has been a lot of talk about safety on board cruise ships.  Despite all the speculation over whether she fell overboard or jumped, she was really lucky to survive this ordeal. The reason she is deemed lucky is because of where she fell and what time of year it was as the water in the Adriatic see is generally above twenty degrees and it has minimal wind in August, which means calm conditions. She fell off the Venice-bound Norwegian Star at around midnight and spent ten hours in the water before she was rescued. In […]

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New York City

5 Reasons Why We Love New York

New York, the city that never sleeps, is one of the most bucket listed cities and definitely one of our firm favourites.  What’s not to love with the high energy and 24/7 activity?  Sometimes refer to as the Capital of the World, there is always something to do or see, no matter the hour. New York is One of the Most Tourist Friendly Cities While many European cities like Venice and Dubrovnik are starting to complain about ‘tourist takeover’, New Yorkers still love tourists.  Even though the city is extremely busy, the locals are very friendly towards tourists and don’t mind helping out when you’re lost or in a pinch. […]

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MSC Meraviglia Wellness Deluxe Suite

How to Pick the Perfect Stateroom for Your Cruise

While deciding where to go on your cruise is probably the most exciting part of planning your trip, don’t forget to spend some extra time on deciding how you would like to travel.  Choosing a stateroom or cabin is great fun and with just a little bit of extra homework, choosing the right one for you can save you some possible issues down the line, and even some time and money during the cruise. Start by dissecting the deck plans to get an idea of the ship’s layout.  Things to consider here are the grade of the rooms, the price, and if you would like to be close to a […]

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Best Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is known for its bright blue skies, warm crystal clear waters and laid back lifestyle. If you’re considering a trip to the Caribbean, whether as a cruise package or a few weeks in the sun, here are our favorite Caribbean islands to visit. Nassau As the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau is a popular destination for holidaymakers who want sun, sea and sand – even the blue and yellow stripes on their flag represent the sandy beaches and ocean waves – but it also retains a taste of Europe thanks to still being a member of the British Commonwealth. Nassau is a common first port of call on […]

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