P&O Cruises started out in 1837 when a company called Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation began a mail and passenger service from the UK to Portugal and Spain. It has grown a lot by the 1860’s and then started including routes to China, Japan, India and Australia. It entered the cruise ship industry in the 1840’s.

P&O Cruises



A Proudly British Cruise Line

P&O is proudly British and is the biggest and most modern cruise line in the UK.  They have seven incredible ships and sail to over two hundred various destinations.  Their cruise ships home ports in Southampton, which makes it really popular for no flight cruises.  You can simply drive to Southampton and park your car at the port while sailing to the Mediterranean or Europe, Favourite destinations include Spain, Portugal, the Baltic and Norwegian Fjords.  They also do some flight cruises for North America, the Caribbean, Alaska and other tropical destinations.

It’s a favourite amongst British cruisers who like their cruise ships to feel like a home away from home.  They include comforts such as British cuisine, afternoon tea and popular British entertainment acts.  Brits also enjoy the themed cruises such as a Strictly Come Dancing one and a Food Heroes one.

Stylish and Elegant Decor

The P&O ships have beautiful decor to allow for super relaxed and enjoyable days as well as refined and grand evenings.  Their ships often include magnificent atriums and upmarket dining rooms. They have award winning spas, special classes like how to mix your own cocktail, and world class casinos.  Their spacious outer decks are also exceptional and the best place to catch some sunshine.

Fast and Secure Internet

There’s no need to worry about lack of internet and not being able to post all your selfies on Instagram, as they have several internet packages available.  Choose the best package for you, depending if you just want to catch up on email or keep touch with family and friends, or are a heavy user that want to video call and stream music and movies.

Here is a short overview of each of the P & O Cruise Ships:

P & O Arcadia Overview

Being one of P&O’s three adult only ships, the Arcadia is very popular for wedding bookings.  Their Bermudian registry enables captains to legally marry couples at sea.  It had a big refurbish at the end of last year and now feature a bigger and better Aquarius pool and bar and new furniture and carpets throughout.  It differs from P & O’s other ships in that it started out as a Holland America Line in 2000, was then allocated to Cunard and then launched in 2005 as a P & O ship.

P & O Aurora Overview

Aurora is one of P & O’s oldest ships as it was launched back in 2000. It does not feel dated though thanks to its brilliant 2014 refurbishment.  New restaurants include the Sindhu fine dining restaurant and the Glass House.  These two new restaurants are both on the Aurora and the Ventura. The Sidewalk Café and buffet restaurant was also done over to now include a new Costa Coffee stall.  They have more flexible dining times as well as Marco Pierre White dishes on their gala evenings.

P & O Azura Overview

The Azura was built with the British market in mind, which is reflected in its entertainment restaurant, great range of ales and beers as well as its afternoon tea selection.  Guests can choose whether to pay in Sterling or whatever the local currency is.  Perfect if you are looking from a home away from home, but not so much if you want to meet interesting people from around the world.

P & O Britannia Overview

The Britannia had a very exciting start in life as she was christened by Her Majesty the Queen herself in 2015.  She is the biggest ship to be built for the UK market and can carry up to 3 647 guests.  The ship is more about understated luxury than showy pieces and can be compared to a stylish boutique hotel.

P & O Oceana Overview

The Oceana isn’t the P & O Cruise Lines biggest or poshest ship but it has a relaxing contemporary feel which appeals to younger people as well as veteran cruisers.  The atmosphere is informal as well as family friendly, with some brilliant quality food and wine on offer.  Some of the cabins need a bit of a refurb but in general this medium sized ship offers great value for money.

P & O Oriana Overview

The Oriana was lucky enough to be christened by her majesty the Queen in 1995.  It is an adult only ship which received a huge facelift back in 2011 followed by a much smaller further refurbishment in 2016.  It now has a brand-new look with new cabins, bars, public spaces and entertainment.  Please note: P&O Cruises are planning to sell the Oriana at the end of 2019.

Booking Your P & O Cruise through Cruise Nation

It’s no wonder guests often fall in love with the P&O cruise ships as soon as they step on board and often come back for another cruise.  There is something for everyone, no matter if you’re a first-time cruiser or an experienced one, looking to just sit back and relax or looking for adventure on board.  Book your P&O cruise deal today at Cruise Nation and ask about the P&O Loyalty scheme.