Cruise Nation Managing Director and Founder, Phil Evans today unveiled plans for the cruise tour operator to enter into the cruise line market with a brand new cruise ship in 2022. The cruise line will feature a never before seen concept of a subscription-based pricing model with customers paying £99 per month to guarantee them up to 14 nights of cruising in a variety of worldwide destinations.

Cruise Nation Ship

Artists impression of Cruise Nation’s first ship

Speaking at the launch event at Cruise Nation’s Swansea headquarters, Evans said “We’re always looking for new, innovative ways to take on the cruise industry and starting up our own cruise line is a natural next step for Cruise Nation”. When asked about the subscription-based pricing strategy Evans replied “We’re well known within the cruise industry for bringing fantastic deals to our customers, so pricing was always going to be an important feature of the new cruise line. We feel that a subscription pricing model will allow our customers to spread the cost whilst allowing them two holidays, or even one long holiday each year”.

The ship will sail a variety of itineraries each year including the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Evans also hinted at some other innovations for the cruise line. “We will feature one 7-night themed cruise every month – we’ve got lots of ideas but some we’ve already agreed on. One theme will be a party cruise dubbed ‘Let’s get ship-faced’, as well as a swingers cruise sub-titled ‘it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing'”.

Ahoy there Captain Evans!

In a final shock announcement, Evans announced that he would captain the maiden voyage. “It’s true, I’ve been doing my captain’s examinations for several months now, and all being well I’ll be ready to captain the ship on her maiden voyage. It’ll be a proud moment for sure.”