The Norwegian Fjords is a great place for cruises year-round as more and more people are realising that there is more to cruising than sunny destinations like the Mediterranean.

A Norwegian cruise offers a unique cultural adventure, stunning scenery, brilliant wildlife and lots more, depending on which season you choose to go.

Norwegian fjords

When is the Best Time to do a Norwegian Fjord’s Cruise?

We had a look around to see what the different seasons has on offer in Norway. Although most people prefer going in summer when there are long sunny days, each season offers something unique and different.

Spring Time

Spring is a very good time to visit Norway as it offers plenty of sunlight although there is still a bite in the air. After Winter there will be lots of melting snow, resulting in some spectacular streams, rivers and waterfalls.  The new plant growth is really pretty and plenty of baby animals abound.  This is a popular time for skiers and the skiing season lasts until the end of May. March and April are the best months for skiing and Easter holiday is always popular.  Remember to pack layers for clothing as their will be some gloomy days as well.

Summer Time

This is the most popular time for Norwegian Fjord cruises and the time that has the most cruises available.  It gets hot, to between 25 to 30 degrees in mid-summer and days are really long.  This allows for extra time to explore the scenery, especially in Northern Norway where the sun never sets in summer.  It’s probably one of the few places in the world to experience the world of the midnight sun.  If you’re tempted to go this time of year, try going the third week of July, when they celebrate the middle of summer.

This is also the best time of year to bring the kids as Norway is very family friendly.  You will notice plenty of outdoor play areas, kiddie-friendly shopping and museums.  Other child friendly activities include train rides, interesting parks and aquariums.

Autumn Time

The weather is still pretty mild, and the scenery is fantastic, with the trees changing colour.  This is a popular time for nature photographers to capture the beautiful scenery.  There aren’t as many cruises available than there is in Summer but there are some great bargains out there and it’s a good time to avoid the crowds.

Winter Time

This is probably the season most people associate with Norway, bringing up images of snow and glimpses of the northern lights.  There are still lots of cruises available as some towns can only be reached by sea in winter months because of becoming snow bound. The cruise ships may however be smaller at this time of years.  It is a popular time to visit their ice hotels or try your hand at huskie sledding.  It also has some great Christmas markets in December.  If you’re going to the Norwegian Fjords specially to see the Northern Lights (also called the Aurora Borealis) do your homework on the best times to go.  The best conditions for seeing this are when it’s cold, dark and not cloudy, such as February.  Winter cruises are also slightly less expensive.

How to Save Money on Your Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Speaking of saving money on a winter cruise, we look at other ways to save money on your Norwegian Fjords cruise.  We have to face facts, Norway is a very expensive country, especially when it comes to restaurants and alcohol.  The good news is that this make cruising one of the most affordable ways to see the country as long as you plan ahead.

Here are some tips on saving money when in Norway:

  • Have most of your meals on board and try to have most of your drinks there too as this will save money.
  • Try local Norwegian foods in snack form, rather than having big meals out. Examples of this include exotic cuisine like whale, reindeer, elk and Norwegian waffles with jam.
  • Pack layers of clothing to ensure you are prepared for any kind of weather. Always carry a lights weight rainproof jacket in case of inclement weather.
  • Be flexible about your daily activities and plan a back up in case of bad weather.

How to be Prepared for Differing Daylight

One thing that makes Norway stand out from other cruising countries is the amount of time the daylight varies.  It is best to read up on what time the sun rises and sets every day to ensure you get everything done.  While there is plenty of time available in Summer, you should book your Winter activities for around mid-day to ensure daylight.

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