Shopping abroad has a glamour that can’t be matched by pounding the pavements of your local high street. In these heavenly shopping hubs, you’ll want to browse and barter your way from gleaming mega-malls and exclusive designers to late-night markets. And the best and most convenient way to visit these destinations is to book a cruise to one or two of your favourite destinations.

Here we look at our top six shopping destinations, which you can incorporate into your cruise.

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This metropolis is home to the biggest mall in the world which has 1 200 stores spread across four stories! The United Arab Emirates’ showcase of excess and opulence overflows with wealth and is one of your must-see shopping destinations when going on a Middle Eastern Cruise. While it’s especially great for those with a big budget, it’s also worth it for those on a smaller budget, even if you just go window shopping for the sheer wow factor.

The mall we mentioned above is the Dubai Mall and its so big that it’s a tourist attraction in itself. As you would expect, you can find pretty much everything under the sun in this gigantic mall. And if all the shopping and people drive you a bit mad, you can also visit the much more serene Dubai aquarium, conveniently located in the mall.

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2. Barcelona, Spain

Shopping is just one more reason we love the incredible city of Barcelona. One of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, Barcelona has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for pristine beaches, picturesque architecture or great shopping. Shopping here ranges from unique finds at traditional markets to high tech gadgets and top fashion at one of the modern complexes.

Las Ramblas is one of the hot spots for shopping in Barcelona as this mile-long pedestrianised street is full of great shopping finds. Stretching from the old city centre to the famous Christopher Columbus monument, it’s a great place for shoppers who like to take their time as well as art lovers looking for a deal. And if you need a break, take a load off at one of the excellent cafes or restaurants to relax and do some people watching.

If it’s the latest fashion finds you’re after, El Raval is a real pleasure, thanks to all the little one-off boutiques you can find in this unique area on the left side of Las Ramblas. In Elisabets/Carrer dels Angels, very near the MACBA Museum, you will find a very special group of shops with Camper, Vialis, Twigy and Juan-Jo Gallery.

3. Milan, Italy

Speaking of fashion, Milan is definitely worthy of its “one of the fashion capitals of the world” crown, if not THE capital. This capital of Italian and international fashion has many fashion gurus arguing that it’s the most important fashion district, end of. It’ a great place to do some clothes shopping and you can visit it on any Mediterranean cruise that stops at Genoa for a day or two.

The Quadrilatero della Moda district is where you’ll find iconic brands such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace. This is the best spot ever for fashionistas with big budgets or those with smaller budgets

and big aspirations, who’d like to window shop and take selfies of high-end fashion that they will come back for one day.

4. Singapore, Malaysia

Singapore’s another one of our favourite cities in the world, which was definitely built and developed with shoppers in mind. In fact, shopping is considered a national pastime in Singapore! Many Far Eastern cruises stop here for a day or two and all the great shops are inside and air conditioned, to ensure that you stay nice and cool in this tropical climate.

Orchard Road is perfect for mobile phone gurus, gamers and fashion-lovers as its home to some of the finest boutiques, designer shops and tech stores. There are plenty fashion outlets for any budget, video games are cheaper here than elsewhere, and they always have the very latest in mobile phone technology. And if antiques are more your thing, just pop over the road to the Tanglin shopping centre for some great finds.

5. Istanbul, Turkey

We couldn’t create a top shopping destinations list without including the city with some of the oldest, most illustrious and legendary markets in the world. For centuries, people have been drawn to this part of the world for its famous markets, known for its well-crafted goods and cuisine. And people still come from far and wide to purchase authentic goods as well as to visit its modern malls.

No shopping trip to Istanbul is complete without a visit to the granddaddy of all shopping destinations, the Grand Bazaar itself. It’s a great place for those with traditional tastes or those who simply want to experience the madness of it all as it’s a true assault on the senses. If you’re not after some woven crafts or traditional pottery, at least purchase some real Turkish Delight or enjoy some local Turkish tea while watching the market come to life.

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