Family Cruising

This is Why Everyone Cruises…

Find out why we think cruise holidays¬†are for everyone…   There’s something special about cruising. It’s a holiday which every type of can person enjoy. Young, old, straight, gay, married, single, thrifty people and those who¬†like luxury experiences too. This hasn’t always been the case however as cruises have previously earned a reputation as being for ‘the overfed, newly wed and nearly dead’. When cruising first originated it was primarily only an option for the wealthy, and cruise lines such as Cunard who have been in operation for as long a 175 years were a popular leisure-time choice for golden-era celebrities and members of royalty who would embark on transatlantic […]

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Cruise Ship Onboard

Cruise Holiday Myths Debunked

Thought you knew what cruise holidays are all about? Prepare to think again!   Many of the cruise myths and misconceptions out there are deterring people from experiencing a holiday of a life time. In reality, cruises are very exciting and are packed with activities. Here is a list of the most common cruise myths preventing people from embarking on a cruise:   I will get seasick Seasickness is one of the biggest fears among potential travelers and is also one of the biggest misconceptions. Cruise ships are so large, you will not feel the waves of the ocean. ost of the time, you won’t even realise you’re moving. If […]

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