Chaina, Greece

Why ‘The Two Faces of January’ will make you want to visit Greece

Why Hollywood’s latest film will make you see Greece in a whole new light.


When a great film comes out that is set in a beautiful part of the world, the likelihood of people visiting that place increases greatly. Perhaps one of the finest examples from fairly recently is Martin McDonagh’s black comedy crime drama In Bruges, which came out in 2008 and prompted a huge boost in tourism to the northwestern Belgian city (if you can get your head around the concept of a black comedy crime drama). Bruges was, of course, a well-known and well-visited place before 2008 – dubbed ‘the Venice of the North’ due to the prominence …

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Hobbit House New Zealand

Film Locations Which Have Boosted Local Tourism

Movies and TV Shows become reality when you visit these 6 locations…


It could be said that Hollywood is the world’s most glamorous travel agent, with the movie studios now filming in unusual and exotic locations across the world, attracting tourists who want to visit the places they have witnessed up on the big screen. When a movie trilogy such as Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings utilises a location such as New Zealand, it is not just audiences who react – the travel industry is not far behind in sitting up and taking notice. ‘Destination marketers’ around the world are always looking for new ways to capitalise on …

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