Northern Lights in Norway

Top Christmas Cruise Destinations You Can’t Resist

Find out our top 3 destinations for a Christmas cruise this year.


Cruise holidays are a wonderful way to take a well-deserved escape from the mounting pressures of creating the perfect Christmas at home. Forget spending your time off making sure you have enough seats to host the family for Christmas Dinner and pouring over recipes that’ll promise to deliver the perfect roasties.  Instead, you can spend your time off over the festive period, enriching your life by travelling to truly breathtaking destinations around the globe. As well as giving you a chance to recharge your batteries, perhaps the best part of a Christmas cruise is having the opportunity to see …

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Instagram Photos That Prove Scandinavia is Beautiful

We’re certainly not the only ones who think Scandinavia is beautiful… check out these Instagram photos that have captured stunning scenery and points of interest…


Scandinavia is a beautiful part of Northern Europe which includes three different yet magnificent countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It’s possibly one of the most beautiful parts of Europe, as it has a massive selection of beautiful locations that would leave you awestruck.

If you wanted to see these sights, it used to be that you’d have to actually go to the country, but thanks to modern technology you can admire these sights from the comfort of your own home. One of the popular ways to capture …

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