Palma, Spain

24 Travel Guides You Should Read Before Cruising to Spain

Discover everything you need to know about visiting Spain in these 24 travel guides…


A cruise to Spain is an adventure of a lifetime, packed full of rich cultural attractions and glorious sunshine. But if you want to get the most from your trip, then you’ll probably want to do some research beforehand. This blog contains 24 of the best and most captivating guides to visiting Spain – including the popular cruise destination of Barcelona.* So, if you’re planning on a Spanish cruise this summer, or feeling extra organised for 2016, these guides will keep you occupied in the meantime. *Don’t worry. We wouldn’t expect you to read them all!

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French Riviera Port

Relax and Escape: Enjoy a Cruise to the Mediterranean

Mediterranean cruises are some of the best available, thanks to the fact that this area encompasses a number of amazing holiday destinations. Whether it’s Italian cruises or breaks to Spain, Turkey, Cyprus or one of the many other locations within this part of the world, Med cruises could be absolutely ideal for you.

They’re known for being perfect for those after sunny holidays that involve lounging on the beach, visiting historical attractions and soaking up the local atmosphere at restaurants and bars, all the while enjoying the cruise ship’s onboard facilities.

And, of course, with a cruise holiday, you can get the benefit of visiting numerous locations throughout the Mediterranean. …

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