Arabian Oryx on Sir Bani Yas Island

The Best Cruise Ports for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Whether you’ve always wanted to see a Fairy Penguin or spot the snow-coloured animals of the Arctic, here’s our top choice of cruise ports for wildlife enthusiasts…


When we travel, we all seek different experiences. For some it’s blissful relaxation, for others it might be soaking up different cultures and histories, whilst for many  it’s the chance to spot wildlife which you would never even come close to in your everyday life. From the littlest things such as brightly coloured bugs to the giant mammals of the oceans, it’s getting a glimpse of nature that becomes our most memorable holiday moments. So for those of you who want to discover the wild …

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Dolphin sighting on a cruise

10 Animals You Can Spot from a Cruise Ship

Grab your binoculars, because we’re about to spot some wildlife!


Travelling the world by sea has some pretty great perks, and one of them is the wildlife spotting opportunities. With over 230,000 known species of plant and animal life in the worlds oceans, chances are good that you’re going to spot something along your cruise journey. In case you’re wondering what kind of wildlife you’ll have the opportunity to see, take a look at these 10 animals you can spot from a cruise ship and learn more about the destinations where you’re most likely to see them…


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