The capital of Corsica, Ajaccio is famous for being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. It's also known as the "scented isle" a place of dramatic shoreline cliffs, small coves and golden beaches.


Points of Interest

Maison Bonaparte

Take a tour through the ancestral home of the Bonaparte family, and the house where Napoleon was born. The house is now a museum featuring family photographs, and other agricultural instruments.


The Calanches are one of the most surreal landscapes on the islands, weather-carved red granite rock formations plunging to the sparkling sea below, a must at sunset.


This 16th century Roman Catholic Cathedral was the site of Napoleon’s baptism and is steps away from the Bonaparte house.

Fesch Museum

This museum is regarded as one of the most important in France after the Louvre for Italian paintings, over 1,000 works of art were donated by Cardinal Fesch (Napoleon's uncle).


This unique park and breeding centre, just outside of Ajaccio is a facility home to more than 130 species of tortoises and turtles from all over the globe.

Vizzavona Forest

Home to 800 year old pine trees in just over 4000 acres of protected land, located in the valley dominated by mountains of more than 2000m which creates some of the best landscapes in Corsica.

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