Venice & Verona Opera


This cruise package gets those bucket list items ticked off, a couple of days in Venice exploring the Venetian streets and sailing the canals via gondola. Tick. Seeing a world famous opera in the incredible Verona amphitheater. Tick. 

This once in a lifetime holiday is all yours for only £599!

Spend 3 nights enjoying the Venetian delights before boarding the magnificent MSC Lirica, which combines elegance with comfort to provide a unique cruising experience. Visit Bari, a secret jewel of the Adriatic sea, before heading to Koper, an ancient settlement which provides a change of pace to your holiday. And with our Cruise & Stay package we've got a free upgrade to an oceanview cabin for you, so you can gaze out onto the incredible Adriatic from the comfort of your cabin. Once you've had your fill of sailing, it's time to head to Verona to take in the culture and history which has made it the beating heart of world theatre. Aida is a wonderful piece of opera which originated in the late 1800s and is still performed yearly at Verona, and this is your time to bask in all its glory!


The city of masks, a city built on the waters of the Adriatic, a city which ebbs and flows like its gondolas. Venice is the gem of the Adriatic, a bustling tourist destination which welcomes over 20 million people to it's shores every year. Venice is home to some of the world's most famous landmarks, from St Mark's Basilica to Doge's Palace. These architectural masterpieces are only part of what makes this city a haven for culture hunting individuals. The Venetian architecture and lagoon make it a treasure trove of history and culture which can take days to find and appreciate. Whilst searching for your piece of Italian perfection, take a ride on one of the many gondolas, indulge in some sumptuous Italian cuisine or admire the incredible glass artisans on the island of Murano.

Verona Opera Festival

Verona is the home to many literary masterpieces, and for good reason, its stunning architecture, pretty piazzas and incredible amphitheater make it a perfect location for star crossed lovers (and theatre lovers alike). The 1st century amphitheater is the beating heart of Verona and is home to the summer opera festival, a selection of world class operas in an awe inspiring setting. With our Cruise & Stay package you get free tickets to the Aida opera. Originating in the late 1800s, Aida has been a staple of Verona for several years with it proving a popular event for locals and tourists alike.

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