Cruises to La Spezia


La Spezia is located in the north of Italy in between Genoa and Pisa on the Liquarian Sea. Exceptional beaches, crystal clear sea, beaches and astonishing landscapes filled with history and ancient traditions await visitors.


Technical Naval Museum

Opened in 1923 La Spezia's Naval Technical Museum is located at the entry point to the navy base, you can see marine torpedoes, pieces of memorabilia including naval uniforms, medals and a collection of historic figure heads that once graces the front of ships.


Lerici is a town, which is known as the place where poet Percy Bysshe Shelly drowned. One of the main sights is the castle which was founded in 1152.

Cinque Terre

Located in the Liquria region of Italy comprises of five villages that are situated on the cliffs overlooking the crystal clear sea.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Located in the heart of the city, this former Court has been restored to host exhibitions dedicated to contemporary art, archives, shows and events.

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