Cruises to Puerto Vallarta


Stretching around the blue Bahia de Banderas backed by lush palm-covered mountains. Relax and enjoy a lazy day on one of the many dazzling sandy beaches or explore the beautiful tropical jungle which covers the mountains and discover the abundant wild fauna such as the jaguar and the iquana.


Church of our Lady Guadalupe

This Catholic church is possibly the Puerto Vallart's most recognised landmarks with its crown gracing the city it's featured on many postcards and photos.

Los Arcos

The Los Arcos are a row of four grand stone arches which are a symbol of Puerto Vallarta, located by the outdoor amphitheatre which is used for cultural performances and festivals.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Explore the trails of the gorgeous Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens and enjoy the smell of the orchids, bromeliads and wild palms. Swim in the Crystal Pools or follow the hummingbirds through the fern grottoes.

Naval History Museum

The Naval History Museum houses historic exhibits and artefacts from the Mexican Navy including collections of photos, maps, documents and paintings plus scale models of forts and vessels.

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