Monarch Flights Statement

We are very sorry to learn in the early hours of this morning that the UK Tour Operator and airline Monarch has been placed into administration. We feel for everyone affected by this announcement including customers on holiday, those due to travel and of course their employees.

Cruise Nation did include Monarch flights on a small number of the cruise package holidays we sell.

If you are currently overseas on a Cruise Nation holiday and are due to fly back to the UK on or before the 15th October with Monarch, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) are arranging relief flights to repatriate you back to the UK. The alternative flights provided will be as close to your original flight times as possible. Details of your new flights will be posted onto the CAA website, please visit

For our customers who are still due to travel and whose holiday included a Monarch flight, our Customer Services department are working hard to obtain replacement flights with an alternative airline for you. We are working in departure date order and will be in touch with your new flight arrangements as soon as we possibly can.




I am on holiday and have return flights with Monarch, how will I get home, should I go to the airport?

The CAA is operating flights to replace the Monarch schedule. You should continue to monitor the CAA website for details of your new flights; generally details of your replacement flights will be released 48 hours prior to your return departure date


I booked a transfer to the airport as part of my package holiday and it no longer meets my new flight times, what should I do?

Our Customer Services department are constantly monitoring the details of the new flights being arranged by the CAA. If you have arranged transfers with Cruise Nation as part of your package holiday, our Customer Services department will arrange for your transfer times to be amended so that they coincide with your new flight.

Should you need to speak to a member of our Customer Services department, please call 01792 705301


My new flight is returning to a different UK airport than my original booking, how do I get home?

The CAA will arrange transport from your new airport back to your original airport. On arrival back to the UK, if you have any issues, please contact us on 01792 705301. There will also be representatives from the CAA at UK airports to assist customers.



I’ve booked my cruise holiday and the flights were with Monarch, what happens now & is my money safe?

Please be assured that the funds paid for your holiday are safe. Currently we are sourcing alternative flight details for all customers affected. Our current focus is on those customers who are due to depart within the next few days, following this we will be working through all customers booked in departure date order.

Please bear with us during this time; we will be working as quickly as possible to confirm new flight details.

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