China Express & Far East Cruise

It’s time to start making your way through that bucket list. The China Express Tour awaits!

Start in Beijing before heading south to Shanghai via Xian and Shuzou, bask in the greatness of the Great Wall, appreciate the magnitude of the Terracotta Army and jump on a bullet train to Shanghai.

Once you've had your fill of excitement it's time to set sail and put your feet up on one of our luxury cruises. Don't miss these once in a lifetime experiences- Isn't it time you booked a holiday like no other?


A past city sitting in the future, surrounded by the every changing 21st century but with its roots (and wall) firmly placed in the 14th. The famous Great Wall is a sight to behold, a vast rolling structure that can be seen from space. The Badaling section of the wall, located 50 miles northwest of Beijing City is the most visited area of the wall with millions of tourists visiting each year. You can gaze on the sprawling mountains that the Great Wall sits on and truly appreciate the greatness of this man made structure.

This isn't the only great structure in Beijing however, with the city being home to six UNESCO world heritage sites. One is The Forbidden City, home to the Ming dynasty this extensive complex is made up of 98 buildings and covers 72 hectares! Good luck in seeing it all!

There's food, and there's Beijing food. A plethora of eclectic cuisines from Chinese to Sichuanese to various western dishes. Beijing has been creating its only gastronomy for over 5000 years, making it a city which needs to be tasted. Make sure to try the famous Peking duck! After a delectable meal, why not see the world famous Chinese acrobats in an ever evolving cultural scene. Opera, acrobats or dancers, Beijing has something for everyone!


Home to China's greatest archaeological treasures, the Terracotta Warriors. A collection of terracotta sculptures standing to attention, lined up in a gigantic building the same size as a airplane hangar to protect Qin Shi Huang in the afterlife. In the present day, it is quite the sight. More than 8,000 soldiers, 100 chariots and 500 horses can be seen and admired. The site itself is considered one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world and it was only discovered in the 1970s. 


It was once a city of elegance, home to scholars and artists alike, applying their trade in a city which was the epitome of beauty. The beauty still remains but of a different sort, with the change in time came the change in city. Historical buildings were replaced with modern structures and Suzhou became a focal point of trade and commerce. Apart from the bustling city, Suzhou is home to stunning greenery - the Master of the Nets Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most picturesque areas in China, roam the bridges and appreciate the gardens.


It wouldn't be a visit to China without travelling on the famous Bullet Train, travel at high speeds into Shanghai where you'll come across a metropolitan hub of various cultures and styles which have left the city with a different architectural style on every corner. Art deco sits next to 21st century skyscrapers and classic Shanghai heritage. As with Beijing, this city ebbs and flows with first class entertainment, world class food and famous shopping. Eat to your heart's  content with food from every corner of the world, watch a Shanghai acrobat show or spend all of your money in designer stores.

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