Get More, Get All with MSC

Get FREE Wi-Fi and FREE Drinks with Cruise Nation & MSC Cruises

On a huge range of Winter 2019 and 2020 sailings, we're giving away FREE W-Fi Packages and FREE Drinks worth up to £500 When you book an Oceanview Stateroom or above! 

There are a range of destinations on offer including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Cuba, Dubai & the Emirates.

If you book an Inside stateroom, you'll get a FREE Social Wi-Fi package, book an Oceanview Stateroom and you'll get a FREE Social Wi-Fi package and a FREE Easy Drinks Package, book a Balcony or Suite and get a FREE Social Wi-Fi Package and a FREE Premium Drinks Package.

Check out our video showing you what MSC Cruises are all about.

Which drinks are included on the Premium Drinks Package?

When you book a Balcony or Suite,  you'll get the following drinks included in your fare:

Beer - Heineken draught beer and all bottled and draught beers from the bar list.

Wines - All sparkling, white-red-rosé wines by the glass priced up to €10.

Cocktails - Rum & cola, Gin & tonic, Vodka & lemon, Whisky & cola, Campary orange, screwdriver, Moscow mule and all other cocktails priced up to €10.

Spirits - Bell’s whisky, vodka, Gordon's gin, Captain Morgan rum and all other standard/premium spirits priced up to €10.

Aperitifs & Cordials - All aperitifs e.g. Crodino, Aperol, Bacardi Breezer and all bitters, sweet liqueurs, port and sherry.

Non-alcoholic - All zero-alcohol cocktails from the bar list, bottled mineral water, selection of soft drinks, fresh fruit and vegetable cocktails.

Coffee - Espresso, cappuccino, caffé latte, hot tea, hot and cold specialties with coffee/chocolate

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