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Cruise line of the month: MSC

Renowned for not only their excellent value cruises but also their fantastic itineraries around the Mediterranean, it’s no surprise that MSC are a cruise line known and loved by seasoned cruisers around the world. That’s why we’ve chosen to name MSC as our first Cruise Line of the Month and to highlight some of the excellent routes they offer.

MSC run a fleet of 14 elegant ships and have more ships planned to launch over the course of the next few years. Last year it was announced that MSC would inaugurating their World Class ships, predicted to have the capacity for the most passengers on any cruise ship on earth. Each …

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panama canal

5 Shore Excursions on a Panama Canal Cruise

We recently named the Panama Canal as our cruise destination of the month thanks to its fascinating voyage through the isthmus connecting North and South America as well as the rich and varied culture that a Panama Canal cruise encompasses. Travelling from America’s Floridian east coast, through the Caribbean and Central America before landing on the west coast means that you’ll experience the best of many different worlds.

While the main highlight of the trip, particularly for those bucketlisters, is travelling through the Panama Canal itself, the way to truly experience everything a Panama cruise has to offer is by taking advantage of the shore excursions available. Here are …

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panama canal

Cruise Destination of the Month: Panama Canal

Separating North America from South America, the Panama Canal is one of the most impressive engineering feats in the world. Often dubbed the “Crossroads of the World”, the famed isthmus was transformed into a canal to allow easier passage, with the digging begun in 1880 by the French and completed by the US, opening for transit for the first time in August 1914.

For many, this is a trip to tick off the bucket list. In years gone by, cruisers would have had to take an 8000 mile journey to round the bottom of South America in order to reach the other side, but today, the 48 mile passing takes only …

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Get The Most Out Of Asia Within Budget

Have you been curious about taking a trip to Asia but nervous about where to go and how much you’ll end up spending? For those travellers who enjoy holidays that have a bit of everything – exotic food and drink, bustling cities and inspiring landscapes – a cruise to Asia might be the ticket.

People tend to worry that far flung locations like Japan, China and Thailand will come with a high price tag to match the rich experiences they’re looking for. Fortunately, we can dispel that myth as not only can you find cruise packages to suit every budget, we’ve also put together a quick guide of how you can …

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Formula 1

Events you have to be at in 2018

A cruise holiday is an exciting trip in itself, but throw in organised events around the world and you’ve got a trip you’ll never forget. For many, these special events have become a tradition to visit every year, and making this part of a cruise will make it all the more fun.

At Cruise Deals, we offer a number of travel routes that combine the best of a cruise with these special events. Here a few you can’t miss in 2018:

FIFA Soccer World Cup 2018 – 14th June to 15th July

No football fan can miss out on the FIFA World Cup, watched worldwide on television by more viewers than even …

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Carnival Horizon Cruise Ship

Why You Should Book Your 2019 Cruise in Advance

Did you know that most cruises open up their bookings up to 2 years in advance? You might not know what you’re doing even next week, but we highly recommend that if you’re wanting to take a cruise holiday in the near future, you start planning now. While there are often last minute deals on cruise holidays as they sell the last few remaining cabins, there are a number of things that you might miss out on by not booking up early.

Carnival Horizon

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely start thinking about booking a cruise for 2019 now:

Early booking discounts

The biggest advantage of booking your 2019 …

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