Planning on visiting Norway by cruise ship? Here’s what to expect and what not to miss!


Cruises to Norway are truly majestic; so majestic, in fact, that the sun never wants to set. You will get a chance to view the incredible midnight sun as well as its magnificent ancient glaciers, enchanting snow capped mountains and water falls, and its many picturesque fishing villages.


Norway is very much an unspoilt environment which entices exploration. If you plan to travel during December, you must ensure you see one of Norway’s best attractions, the Aurora Borealis. The breathtaking natural lightshow pulses through the night sky with its myriad of enchanting colours. It really is a must-see and a once in a lifetime experience that you will cherish forever. Your best chance of witnessing this magnificent spectacle is to travel to Tromso in North Norway.

Bergen, Norway’s old capital, is a great place to visit. Even better, it is the port of call for most of the cruises that visit Norway, making it a must visit. It hosts a wide range of cultures and there is something for everybody. Bergin is ideal if you just want to browse the local markets or attend music concerts, or you can even relax on the beach – preferably in the summer. If nature is your thing, there are also plenty of hiking trails and nature reserves throughout Bergen. There are many other beautiful towns and cities which are wrapped in history and natural beauty, such as Stavanger and Flamm. Be sure to give them a visit.


Norway experiences highs as well as lows during the seasons; not what you’d expect with it being in Scandinavia. During the summer, a cruise to Norway can be a great opportunity to soak up the sun, a well as taking in the magnificent sights, as it often reaches 30°C+ in the summer. During winter, from September onwards, the temperature begins to cool down considerably. Winters have been know to reach -40°C, turning Norway into a snowy winter wonderland. During this time, coastal areas can be slightly warmer, but still very cold so make sure you wrap up and pack the right clothes. You don’t want to embark on a Norwegian cruise in December with just your swimming trunks.

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