Vertigo Slide on MSC Preziosa

Activities for Kids on MSC Cruises

People often think that cruises are only for older generations, but in fact they’re actually the ideal holidays for families. Not only are cruises safe environments for the kids to run wild (MSC offers a security bracelet system for kids), but they also provide them with an enriching holiday experience, visiting a number of different destinations, each with their own unique culture, as well as enjoying a multitude of experiences on board.

MSC Cruises  were in fact launched as a family-owned company, so they understand the difficulties families can go through when booking a holiday to suit everyone. Often what mum and dad want to do won’t match the fun …

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panama canal

Cruise Destination of the Month: Panama Canal

Separating North America from South America, the Panama Canal is one of the most impressive engineering feats in the world. Often dubbed the “Crossroads of the World”, the famed isthmus was transformed into a canal to allow easier passage, with the digging begun in 1880 by the French and completed by the US, opening for transit for the first time in August 1914.

For many, this is a trip to tick off the bucket list. In years gone by, cruisers would have had to take an 8000 mile journey to round the bottom of South America in order to reach the other side, but today, the 48 mile passing takes only …

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MSC Lego Kids Club

MSC Cruise Line Expand on Children’s Entertainment

As parents around the UK set about planning their Summer holidays, MSC Cruise Line has been busy enhancing their children’s entertainment across their fleet.


Recently MSC Cruise line announced that they had 11 new cruise ships on order including the Meraviglia, the Seaside and the Sea View. However it’s not just new ships that MSC are focusing on, they’re also investing in improving the facilities and services onboard their current fleet. One of the main areas of focus over the past few months has been their children’s entertainment.

MSC are already highly regarded for their partnerships with hugely popular family brands Chicco and Lego, however MSC have further …

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Family cruise tips

Guest Post: 10 Do’s and Don’t for a Family Cruise Holiday

Going on a family cruise holiday doesn’t need to be complicated. Take a look at these 10 do’s and don’t for a stress-free family escape.


Booking a cruise holiday as your next family getaway makes a lot of sense. A cruise holiday offers so much flexibility with plenty for everyone to see and do, regardless of age. Besides the exciting destinations that you will visit cruise holidays can be great value for money. David Fiske, a family cruise blogger, shares his top tips on things to do and things to avoid when planning your ideal family getaway.


1. Do consider your itinerary very carefully, especially if you have younger children. While you may wish …

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Kids Cruise Club: Downloadable iSpy Game

Keep the kids busy with our downloadable cruise edition game of iSpy!








With so much to see and do onboard cruise ships, you won’t want to miss a thing! Our iSpy Game is designed to help you and your family explore the ship whilst on your holiday (and have fun whilst doing so!).

So print as many copies as you need, grab a pen and get set to explore!

All you need to do is sign up for our Family Cruise newsletter below and we’ll email you the link to download the game.


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Royal Caribbean Family Cruise

Are Cruises Family Friendly?

Spend some quality time with the family on a cruise holiday.

Luxurious, relaxing and the perfect way to see a whole multitude of different countries on one vacation. Its no surprise that over the last decade a cruise has become one of the most popular ways to spend a holiday.However, is a cruise the domain of older, retired people? Not at all! The majority of cruise companies now are family friendly and booking a cruise holiday is a brilliant way for the whole family to have a fun trip. When picking your cruise company keep in mind that its normally the bigger cruise liners in that fleet that are dedicated …

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