Sea Sickness

Fake holiday sickness claims threaten to increase the cost of holidays by 15%.


‘Fake Sickness’ claims have been an issue in the travel industry for some time, but the number of these types of claims has spiraled in recent years bringing big repercussions to not only the industry but also to UK passengers. It has been reported that the Spanish Hotel industry alone, has suffered losses of over £50 million pounds a year due to these types of claims! And whilst a claimant may be rewarded between £500-£2000, the actual legal costs can actually total up to £50,000!!!

It is believed that the rise in these bogus claims is down to rogue firms touting for business outside of resorts and hotels in popular tourist areas. …

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What makes a good cruise deal graphic

What Makes a Great Cruise Deal?

Find out how to spot a great cruise deal with these 7 tips.


If you’re new to cruise holidays, it can be a little confusing at first. Different cruise lines vary their terminology slightly and things like your grade of room or your onboard package can become unclear. Being unsure about these things can really affect anyone’s ability to understand whether they’re getting a great value for their money, which is why we thought we would make things easy and talk about some of the most common offers and promotions for cruise holidays and explain why they add value and who they might be most beneficial to.

So let’s jump right in…

1.All Inclusive

Most …

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Dolphin sighting on a cruise

10 Animals You Can Spot from a Cruise Ship

Grab your binoculars, because we’re about to spot some wildlife!


Travelling the world by sea has some pretty great perks, and one of them is the wildlife spotting opportunities. With over 230,000 known species of plant and animal life in the worlds oceans, chances are good that you’re going to spot something along your cruise journey. In case you’re wondering what kind of wildlife you’ll have the opportunity to see, take a look at these 10 animals you can spot from a cruise ship and learn more about the destinations where you’re most likely to see them…


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