Norwegian All Inclusive Cruise Package

Good News – Norwegian Cruise Line Are Now Completely All Inclusive

Norwegian Cruise Line announces they are now completely all inclusive!


News just in today – Norwegian Cruise Line have announced their new pricing package for bookings made in the UK and Ireland are now fully all-inclusive.

The cruise line’s Senior vice president, Frances Riley commented, “In recent years we have upped our game with our ships and with our hardware, this is now about innovating the experience for our customers.”

The welcomed change in pricing means that customers will be able to enjoy the all-inclusive offering across all 14 of Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet.

What Extras Are Now Included?

We’re glad you asked. What were previously known as additional extras on-board, now fall under …

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Norwegian Escape Cruise Liner

First Look at the Norwegian Escape Cruise Ship


Here’s some insider pictures and videos of the new Norwegian Escape cruise ship before it’s official launch!


We’re just months away from the official launch of the Norwegian Escape cruise liner at the end of October this year and we thought it was time we gave you the inside scoop of what exactly you can find onboard this incredible new ship.

Take a look at this virtual tour of the ship in this video created by Norwegian Escape…



Want a closer look? Check out our gallery of some of the main areas of the ship below…


Guppies Play Area

Norwegian Escape Cruise Ship

Dolce Gelato Icecream Bar

Spice H20 Bar

Skyline Bar

Manhattan …

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Sun Deck onboard Princess Cruise Ship

Sun Means Sun Decks

Here at Cruise Nation, we’re a company which proudly provides its customers with wonderful cruises all year round – not just in the summer. We believe that a cruise in the winter can be just as luxurious and enjoyable as one which takes place in the summer.


However, as summer is drawing increasingly closer, it could be quite strongly argued that we’re all itching to break out the sun creams and lotions, not to mention indulge in cold refreshments such as ice lollies and the odd chilled alcoholic or carbonated beverage. Anyone who’s ever been on a cruise in the height of summer will tell you how great they are – …

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