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Your guide to Mini Cruises & Taster Cruises

Sometimes we just want to go away on a mini cruise for a couple of days of relaxing on-board a cruise ship and seeing places close by. Luckily, the UK is ideally located for short cruises between two and five nights. Whether you want to wander the scenic canals or stroll along golden beaches, there are several cruises to choose from. And while on your cruise you can also go for a massage, enjoy a drink, soak up entertainment or dance the night away. These mini cruises are perfect for doing as much or as little as you like. 2 Night Cruises Where Can You Go from the UK for […]

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Sailing the Atlantic in style

A transatlantic sailing has remained a mystery to many, seven nights at sea, no ports of call, what could make this sailing so remarkable? From the moment you step foot onboard the world’s only true ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2, you honestly feel like you’ve been transported to a different time. Elegant yet contemporary the liner is one of a kind, the luxuriousness is deafening yet you still wouldn’t feel out of place in shorts and a t-shirt. It can be as smart or as casual as you want it to be, but the evenings call for glamour as everyone dons their finest attire to eat and dance. a sailing […]

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Carnival’s New Mardi Gras Ship

Designed for fun-fuelled vacation innovation, the New Mardi Gras ship set to launch in 2020, will be Carnival’s biggest ship ever. It pays homage to Carnival’s first ship, the 1972’s TSS Mardi Gras, which surprised everyone and changed the cruise world by introducing cruisers to a less stuffy and more affordable cruise that everyone could enjoy.   What’s New on the Mardi Gras? The new Mardi Gras obviously has a LOT more innovative features while living up to its original fun ship’s legacy.  The vessel’s steel-cutting ceremony was on November 15, 2018 and this 180 000 GT new build will have new livery and will be LNG-powered. In fact, it’s […]

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What You Should Know about the New Virgin Voyages

When Richard Branson takes on the cruise ship industry, you can be sure that cruise conventions will be thrown overboard. These voyages are a 24/7 festival at sea where tranquillity meets curiosity with no buffets, no kids, and no limits. In essence, a voyage rather than a cruise, is all about escaping the chaos of your normal cruise ship. Virgin realised that many passengers are tired of finding the same things on board and therefore reinvented it for a more relaxing and fun filled experience. Virgin Voyages likes to use the words ‘Vitamin Sea’ to describe their cruises.  It is – according to the cruise line – inspired by the […]

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5 Reasons to Book an Oceania Cruise

Oceania offers some of the best cruises in the world, with their destination-intensive intimate and luxurious ship experience which provides superior service and world class food.   They allow you to explore the world in unequalled style and comfort with their unrivalled level of personalised service, made possible by having two staff members on hand for every three guests. If you need any more convincing, we have found five top reasons to book an Oceania cruise in the near future.   Intimate & Luxurious Ships Oceania managed to have created real intimate and luxurious ships, which makes you instantly feel at home.  From the moment you step on board, you’ll feel […]

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MSC Expands Environmental Plan to Eliminate Plastics

The Problem We Face In the final episode of the BBC’s ground-breaking wildlife documentary Blue Planet II the true scale of man’s impact on the planet was laid bare. Sir David Attenborough warned that the world’s oceans are turning into a ‘toxic soup’ of industrial waste and plastic, putting the future of humanity at risk. The filmmakers showed the horrifying death of an albatross, whose gut was punctured by a plastic toothpick, as well as the contents of chick’s stomach – a lethal cocktail of polythene bags and plastic food wrappers. Despite reports highlighting the possible health concerns of plastic pollution, it took Sir David Attenborough to bring the issue […]

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