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Cruise Line of the Month: Costa

Costa Cruises are renowned for cruising “Italian Style” with more than 12 ships in their fleet currently and 4 more ships planned for the future. Originally starting out as a fleet of freight liners transporting fabrics and olive oil between Genoa and Sardinia in the mid-1800s, they’re now a modern Italian owned cruise line popular among the European middle class market. Packages A Costa Cruise is a fully immersive experience into cruising with a combination of Italian hospitality, European charm and excellent service, as well as visiting some of the best destinations in the Mediterranean. Booking a package with Costa Cruises means that you’ll have a comfortable cabin on board a well […]

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5 of the best cruise ship spas

Spa at Sea: Your Guide To Cruise Ship Spas

  Discover five of the best cruise ship spas and what makes them special.   The ocean is synonymous with relaxation and providing a calming effect to your mind and body. So really, it makes perfect sense that spas have become one of the main fixtures in the grand cruise ships of today. With panoramic ocean vistas to look out on, there couldn’t be a better view for helping you to ease away those knots and tensions as your spa therapist works their magic. In this blog you’ll find 5 of our favourite cruise ship spas and what makes them special…   1. Canyon Ranch on Celebrity Cruises   Celebrity […]

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Cruise Nation Wins Best UK Cruise Agent for Costa Cruises Award

Cruise deals company Cruise Nation has officially become Best UK Cruise Agent for Costa Cruises after winning the prestigious award at the Costa Champions of the Seas event.   The event, which took place onboard the Costa Luminosa, is dedicated to highlighting Costa Cruises’ best trade partners, and was held on Sunday May 11th. All in all, thousands of Costa Cruises’ greatest travel agents from Europe, Asia and Africa boarded the Costa Luminosa. Cruise Nation won out in the end though, by achieving the sought-after Best UK Cruise Agent for Costa Cruises award. Phil Evans, Managing Director of Cruise Nation said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have won this prestigious award, […]

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