Northern Lights in Norway

Top Christmas Cruise Destinations You Can’t Resist

Find out our top 3 destinations for a Christmas cruise this year.


Cruise holidays are a wonderful way to take a well-deserved escape from the mounting pressures of creating the perfect Christmas at home. Forget spending your time off making sure you have enough seats to host the family for Christmas Dinner and pouring over recipes that’ll promise to deliver the perfect roasties.  Instead, you can spend your time off over the festive period, enriching your life by travelling to truly breathtaking destinations around the globe. As well as giving you a chance to recharge your batteries, perhaps the best part of a Christmas cruise is having the opportunity to see …

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What’s Christmas on a Cruise Ship Really Like?

Is it worth breaking with tradition to create new festive experiences and family memories?


MSC Splendida at Christmas time

We’re afraid we can’t answer that for you, but what we can do is tell you as much as possible about Christmas cruises so that you can make an easy and informed decision about the best Christmas experience for you and your family.

The benefits of Christmas Cruises

The main benefit of a Christmas cruise is to give everyone a break. As a nation we’ve become so worried about creating the “perfect” Christmas, that often this time of year has become the most stressful when it should be the most enjoyable. Everything is taken care …

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#HomeOrAway Cruising for Christmas

Are you thinking it’s time to change up how you do Christmas? Read on to find our top destinations if you’re considering a festive escape…


Christmas is by far the biggest event in the British holiday calendar. From the middle of November, the whole country is abuzz with festive cheer and a hectic yuletide shopping frenzy. Whether you celebrate it or not, the winter celebration provides the chance for many to unwind and spend some much needed time with the family. Whilst the winter spirit may grip Britain, across the world Christmas has taken hold in many different ways. As a global holiday, it’s commonplace to spot a tinselled tree even in …

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