Carnival Magic BBQ by Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri Launches Pig and Anchor Barbecue Smokehouse on Carnival Magic

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri launches the Pig and Anchor BBQ and Smokehouse on the Carnival Magic.


Carnival are already a preferred cruise line for many cruisers who like to have a world of choice at the end of their knife and fork. With a dazzling selection of made to order pizzas, sushi, steakhouses, Italian, Mexican and Indian cuisine on board, it’s hard to think of what might just be missing from the array.

For those of you who’ve cruised with Carnival before, you’ll know that on sea days, a pop-up BBQ does appear, and the popularity of this coupled with the demand¬†for Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint on board, …

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Cruise Ship Culinary Collaboration

7 of the Best Culinary Collaborations on Cruise Ships

If you’re feeling hungry then you might want to look away now, because things are about to get tasty…


If you’re a self-declared foodie then you’re going to love what we have in store for you in this blog. We’ll be taking you on a tour of what we think are some of the best culinary collaborations to come aboard major cruise lines, to give cruisers the opportunity to dine on world-class cuisine.


P&O Food Heroes
1. Antonio Carluccio, James Martin and Charlie Turnbull on P&O Britannia

The Cookery Club on board P&O Britannia features 12 cooking stations where workshops of up to 24 cruisers at a time can up their culinary game.¬†These two-hour …

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Dining on Holland America Cruises

Deluxe Dining: A Rundown of the Best Cruise Restaurants

If you’re feeling hungry then look away now because we’re here to give you a run-down of the top cruise ship restaurants.


One of the main reasons why people love cruise holidays is the chance to dine in absolute luxury, with celebrity chef-owned restaurants and gourmet food on tap. If great food is always the highlight of your holiday, a cruise definitely won’t disappoint. For those that like to meticulously plan out their dining options, consider looking into which cruises offer up the best for a foodlover, so you can ensure you have lots to look forward to.

Here are just some of the best on-board restaurants from cruise companies:


Azamara cruises …

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Dining on cruise ships

Wining and Dining: Tips for the Best Cruise Dining Experience

Here’s how to have a mouth-watering culinary experience on your next cruise holiday.

The main dining room of a cruise ship can be a elegant place where you have the chance to dress up in your formal attire and try something different. It is a chance to look your best and experience delicious gourmet food with menus drafted by celebrity chefs, as well as experiencing new foods and indulging yourself in a four course dinner.



If you find yourself on a cruise ship wanting to experience the sparkling lights of the main dining room, here are a few tips to customise your time there:

Tip before the meal

Before you dine in the main …

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