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Your guide to Mini Cruises & Taster Cruises

Sometimes we just want to go away on a mini cruise for a couple of days of relaxing on-board a cruise ship and seeing places close by. Luckily, the UK is ideally located for short cruises between two and five nights. Whether you want to wander the scenic canals or stroll along golden beaches, there are several cruises to choose from. And while on your cruise you can also go for a massage, enjoy a drink, soak up entertainment or dance the night away. These mini cruises are perfect for doing as much or as little as you like. 2 Night Cruises Where Can You Go from the UK for […]

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How to Book a Last Minute Cruise in 2020

If you?re looking to get a real bargain on your next cruise, you should consider looking at last minute cruises.  As long as you?re willing to be flexible and do some research on what?s available, this could be the perfect cruise option for you. A last minute cruise is a cruise that is usually booked between ninety days and just a few days before the cruise departs. This is because there is usually a clause that allows guests to cancel their cruise up to 90 days before it departs, which leaves more cabins free that the cruise ship then want to fill. They will often discount these tickets and/ add […]

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Advice for Travellers before and after Brexit

Flights, passports, car rental, visas, currency? there are just so many things to consider when travelling before and after Brexit, depending on whether we strike a deal, have a no-deal, or even have a second referendum on the matter. After months of speculation and uncertainty, light is being shed on the probable impact Brexit will have on travel for UK citizens. Here we look at some top questions and advice to help you navigate your way around travelling after Brexit. Your Top Three Brexit Travel Questions Answered 1. Will I need a visa to travel to the EU after Brexit? You shouldn?t need a visa to travel to the EU […]

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Top Six Shopping Destinations for Cruisers

Shopping abroad has a glamour that can?t be matched by pounding the pavements of your local high street. In these heavenly shopping hubs, you?ll want to browse and barter your way from gleaming mega-malls and exclusive designers to late-night markets. And the best and most convenient way to visit these destinations is to book a cruise to one or two of your favourite destinations. Here we look at our top six shopping destinations, which you can incorporate into your cruise. 1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates This metropolis is home to the biggest mall in the world which has 1 200 stores spread across four stories! The United Arab Emirates? showcase […]

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Port of the Month – Alaska 

Alaska is an intriguing destination with thousands of miles of picturesque coastline that make it a popular draw for cruise ships.  This most northernly state of the US offers a lot of unique attractions like huge glaciers, towering mountains, tranquil and turbulent waterways, acres of rain forest and Arctic tundra.   When to Go on an Alaskan Cruise  Due to its far northerly position, the main cruising season in Alaska is in the summer months, ranging between mid-June to mid-September.  It is famous for its wildlife, like bears, seals, eagles, moose, seabirds, sea otters and whales, which are most prominent in June and July.  These spectacular creatures can often be spotted from your ship mid cruise or in […]

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Why you should use a travel agent

Why You Should Book Your Cruise Through a Travel Agent

We?ve all done it, booked holidays online for great prices but with varying results. Cheap deals sites often have loads of fine print of when you can go where, which can cramp your style. And bigger hotel comparison sites have left us stranded abroad, trying to find out why our hotel was not expecting us or in another instance, nothing like the description on the site. So, while there are definitely deals to be had online, it does come with careful planning and can, in some instances, lead to extra expenses, like booking a hotel for that day simply to have somewhere to sleep. Also, booking a luxury cruise is […]

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