Why you should use a travel agent

Why You Should Book Your Cruise Through a Travel Agent

We?ve all done it, booked holidays online for great prices but with varying results. Cheap deals sites often have loads of fine print of when you can go where, which can cramp your style. And bigger hotel comparison sites have left us stranded abroad, trying to find out why our hotel was not expecting us or in another instance, nothing like the description on the site. So, while there are definitely deals to be had online, it does come with careful planning and can, in some instances, lead to extra expenses, like booking a hotel for that day simply to have somewhere to sleep. Also, booking a luxury cruise is […]

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Repositional Cruises

Why Repositional Cruises Are a Great Investment

Although Summer Cruises are all the rage, Spring and Autumn cruises are becoming more popular every year.  One reason is that the price is much lower while the weather is still OK, but the biggest reason is that this is the time of year for repositional cruises.   What is a Repositional Cruise? They are the unsung heroes of the cruise industry. Most cruise ships tend to follow the same return route, for instance, starting in Barcelona and then ending there for your flight back home.  This is a convenient way to book flights, but it also means that you will see some places twice.  Repositioning cruises are different in […]

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Family Cruising

This is Why Everyone Cruises…

Find out why we think cruise holidays are for everyone…   There’s something special about cruising. It’s a holiday which every type of can person enjoy. Young, old, straight, gay, married, single, thrifty people and those who like luxury experiences too. This hasn’t always been the case however as cruises have previously earned a reputation as being for ‘the overfed, newly wed and nearly dead’. When cruising first originated it was primarily only an option for the wealthy, and cruise lines such as Cunard who have been in operation for as long a 175 years were a popular leisure-time choice for golden-era celebrities and members of royalty who would embark on transatlantic […]

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Dubai Cruise Guide

Cruising to Dubai for the First Time: Here’s What You Need to Know

Find out everything you need to know about cruising to Dubai and other UAE destinations for the first time…   Every year we help hundreds of our customers book the holiday of a lifetime to Dubai and other UAE ports. A spectacular mix of contemporary luxury and a fascinating culture made this one of our top 5 destinations in 2015 and it looks set to be pretty popular in 2016 too! If you’ve never been to the UAE before, it’s likely you have a lot of questions, and we’re here to put your mind at ease. Read on to find out all the information you need to know about cruising […]

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