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Dubai & Emirates Cruises

“Where is Dubai?” we hear you ask. We’ll let you see for yourself – and then some – on one of our incredible Emirates cruise holidays. 

Just off the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates (since you were wondering), Dubai is like nowhere else on Earth. In fact, it’s pretty much a world of its own.

Futuristic one minute, traditional the next, it’s a city where mirage-like vistas share space with incredibly tall buildings, lightspeed trains get you from A to B in a flash, and old town markets are waiting to be haggled in.

And if you’re going to lounge on a beach, you might as well do it on some of the best in the world. Did we mention the shopping? With its two annual retail festivals and outdoor malls complete with open-air gardens, aquariums and even an indoor ski slope, parting with your cash is practically an art form here.

Speaking of money, thanks to us you don’t have to spend big to get a slice of the good life. With our Smart Packages and luxury cruises, getting the best for less is easy breezy. By teaming up with some of the biggest cruise lines in the world, we’re proud to bring you the best deals at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Go ahead and try, we’ll be right here.

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What’s the weather like in Dubai & the UAE?

Dubai and the Emirates are known for their spectacular weather that shines all year long, making it a destination that can be enjoyed any time of the year. The region boasts a desert climate, which means that the weather is dry, sunny, and warm always.

The sun shines bright and the skies are almost always clear, making it the perfect place for outdoor activities, whether it's hitting the beach or exploring the bustling city streets. With warm temperatures in the winter and hot temperatures in the summer, from endless blue skies to the spectacular sunsets, the region's natural beauty is enhanced by its amazing weather, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to recharge their batteries and embrace life to the fullest.

Best of all, if you're looking for a luxurious cruise escape or an action-packed cruise adventure, Cruise Nation can save you a penny or two with the best deals on Dubai and Emirates Cruises, hot weather included.



Along with the chance to sail to the UAE with some of the world’s top cruise lines like MSC and Costa Cruises, there are plenty of different ways to make these United Arab Emirates cruises even better.

Our Cruise & Stay packages let you take all the time you need. Whether you want to chill before you get onboard or you’re enjoying yourself too much and fancy a few extra days where you are, we’ll make it happen.

Or for the best value cruise deals in the UK, get yourself booked onto one of our Smart Packages.

Not only will we throw your flights in with your price, but we’ll put you up in the best hotels, and add some cheeky little extras like free cabin upgrades, onboard spending money and free drinks to the deal too!

Dubai & Emirates Highlights


The jewel in the Emirates’ crown. The "Pearl of the Arabian Gulf". However you want to call it, this is a city that’s an effortless mix of the modern and traditional. Stepping off your luxury cruise liner at the glamorous Dubai Cruise Terminal at Port Rashid sets the tone for the rest of the city: stylish, larger-than-life, and oozing luxury from every angle.

Where else in the world can you relax in the world’s only seven-star hotel – the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab – in the morning, scale the tallest building in the world in the afternoon, and disappear off into the golden sand dunes of the Arabian Desert for a night sleeping under the stars?

Abu Dhabi

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi beautifully mixes history, culture and tradition with a wide range of leisure and entertainment activities to keep everyone busy. This is where cruise passengers can try their hand at everything from golf to rally driving, or dare to ride on the world's fastest rollercoaster. The city is also home to world-class museums – including the Musée du Louvre Abu Dhabi – and art galleries, as well as the incredible Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest in the world.

Abu Dhabi also offers visitors the chance to experience authentic Emirati life. Do it like the locals haggling for handmade goods in the local markets or visit one of the traditional shisha bars for a classic Emirati pastime. Whether it’s world records or old world that interests you, Abu Dhabi has something to keep all ages entertained.

Sir Bani Yas Island

The largest of Abu Dhabi’s eight Desert Islands, Sir Bani Yas Island is a hidden island paradise of adventurous activities, abundant wildlife and incredible scenery. One of the UAE’s best- kept secrets (though something tells us not for long) the island is a nature lover's paradise. With a 4100-hectare wildlife park that spans over half the island, you’ll have the chance to go on game drives, keeping your eyes peeled for cheetahs, giraffes and gazelles amongst the incredible scenery.

There’s plenty more to see too. Go for a dip in its colourful underwater worlds on snorkelling and diving adventures, mountain-bike through its twisting valleys and ravines, or give kayaking a go in the islands’ surrounding waters. Don’t do laid-back? This is the island for you.


Amongst the flashy future of its nearby capitals, Muscat keeps things distinctly traditional. You won’t find skyscrapers or ultra-modern innovations here – even the city’s office blocks have to keep it conventional.

It might be low-key in comparison, but Muscat still packs in plenty of cultural clout. Here you’ll find the Grand Mosque in all its breath-taking glory, along with the Mutrah Souq, a bustling market that can be a challenge to navigate but hides a gem or five for the dedicated.

Muscat may be more conservative than elsewhere in the UAE, but the hospitality and warm welcomes make for a refreshing change that you’ll be glad to explore for yourself.


At times overlooked (not always a bad thing), Bahrain might not have the glitzy exterior of other UAE cities, but experiencing its interior is well worth your time. For starters, there’s plenty of history to be explored while you’re here, with the best of it on show at the Bahrain National Museum. It also boasts the majestic Bahrain Fort to wow you with, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that sums up the city’s storied military heritage in imposing fashion.

The influence of expats makes for a diverse and multicultural food scene, while the growing presence of art, as well as its own Grand Prix, means there’s more to Bahrain than meets the eye. And if you enjoy a drink, the city is also far more lax when it comes to knocking back a glass after a day’s exploration compared to elsewhere in the Emirates.


A truly “woah”-worthy city, Doha is a place that’s on the up and up – and we’re not just talking about the size of its skyscrapers. A real work in progress, the times they are a-changing in Doha, along with just about everything else.

Bankrolled by big investments, Doha feels like it’s modernising month after month. But it doesn’t forget its roots either. Traditional souqs, where you can barter for bargains, still make their presence felt, while museums and galleries keep the old Doha alive and well.

As for its beachy scene, Banana Island Resort and TaliaMare Beach Club make for excellent places to pitch up and feel the sun on your skin. And the nearby restaurants are on hand to keep you satisfied once you’ve had your fill of doing nothing.

Dubai & Emirates ports

Ready to see Dubai’s delights in all their life-changing glory? Here’s where your adventures will be taking you sooner than you might think...

Dubai & the UAE Cruises FAQS

What is the weather like in Dubai & the UAE in the Winter?

From November to February, things cool down – by Dubai’s standards, anyway. Even in the middle of winter, temperatures are still on the warmer side when they’re at their highest, so it’s a great time to get away from the dark and cold over in the UK. For this reason, it can start to get busy, especially in December and January.

What is the weather like in Dubai & the UAE in the Spring?

As March starts, so does the heat. The temperatures rise, but not to the sweltering levels of summer, so March and April make for an excellent time to visit. All that heat makes the sea rise to around 25⁰C, so it’s perfect to cool off in while you’re at the beach. May is when the hot stuff really starts to kick in, with highs of up to 37⁰C. Thankfully, there’s plenty of indoor air-con and shade in Dubai, so things will never quite reach boiling point.

What is the weather like in Dubai & the UAE in the Summer?

June to August in Dubai is all heat, heat and more heat. Humidity levels also spike too. Crowds are low, but we’ll be honest, all that sun means you’ll be in for a real grilling. If you can’t take the heat, then the summer is not the time to go, unless you’re absolutely sure you can handle temperatures as high as 40⁰C and above.

What is the weather like in Dubai & the UAE in the Autumn?

Unlike other countries, there are no orange leaves or bare trees to signify the start of autumn. But that’s OK since there’s still plenty of sun to go around. Far more bearable than the summer, especially in October, it’s a great time to explore Dubai’s ample outdoor areas. Just make sure to slap on the sun cream.

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