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At Cruise Nation, we know how great Transatlantic cruises are - which is why we offer an unbeatable range of cheap cruise deals across this iconic stretch of ocean.

This is an extremely popular route, and for good reason. Travellers can choose from hundreds of different routes and destinations - whether that’s departing from Southampton and travelling to New York, or voyaging from Fort Lauderdale to the UK.


And with thousands of potential destinations in between - including Rome, Rio De Janeiro, and Miami - you’ll never be stuck for choice.


Few journeys are considered as iconic as the Transatlantic crossing, with cruises taking passengers from Europe to North America, and beyond. At Cruise Nation, our customers love our Transatlantic cruise deals, with the option of non-stop Transatlantic cruise, multi-destination Transatlantic cruises and repositional cruises. Choose from a classic Southampton to New York crossing, spending your days at sea onboard a luxury liner, or book a multi-destination cruise for the chance to cross the Atlantic and take in some of Europe and Americas's top cruise destinations. With our Transatlantic cruise packages, you'll enjoy every moment you spend at sea, thanks to state-of-the-art cruise liners, luxury facilities, first-class dining and live entertainment. We offer an unbeatable range of low cost Transatlantic cruises, with last minute deals, cheap cruises and great value for money Cruise & Stay packages. Make this the year you book a cruise experience of a lifetime, and find out just how much money you can save when you book a Transatlantic Cruise through Cruise Nation.

Why Book a Transatlantic Cruise?

For those who love the cruise in cruising, a Transatlantic voyage is the dream journey. On a Transatlantic cruise between the UK and America, you'll spend your days enjoying life at sea, all from the comfort of your luxury cruise liner. Taking between 7-14 days, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy all of the incredible activities, delicious dining and world-class entertainment onboard your ship, with the anticipation of arriving in the Big Apple at the end of your journey. With cruise liners departing directly from ports in the UK, you'll also find it incredibly easy to reach and depart on your iconic journey, with no airport queues, delayed flights or baggage to worry about.

For those who would prefer more stops on their Transatlantic cruise, we also have a wide range of cruise packages offering hundreds of different routes and ports of call. Passengers can choose from Transatlantic cruises departing from the Mediterranean, with stops in exciting destinations like Miami, Brazil and the Caribbean.

What Kind of Transatlantic Cruise Should I Choose?

When deciding what kind of transatlantic cruise you want to take, the most important thing to consider is how much time you want to spend at sea. With a non-stop transatlantic cruise, you’ll be sailing directly from the UK to North America, whilst a multi-destination transatlantic cruise will see you stop at exciting port destinations along the way. Read on to find out more and decide which type of transatlantic cruise is right for you:

Non-Stop Transatlantic Cruises

If you're the type of traveller who enjoys being onboard a cruise ship, making full use of the facilities and relaxing in luxury whilst you sail towards your final destination, one of our low cost, non-stop Transatlantic cruises could be your perfect cruise. Sailing directly from either the Southampton to New York, or New York back to the UK, a non-stop Transatlantic cruise gives you optimal time at sea and onboard your luxury cruise liner. Spend your days at sea in style, with beautifully designed accommodation, delicious food options - from fine-dining to pool-side bars - and trying out a range of onboard activities.

Multi-Destination Transatlantic Cruises

With endless destination options and the chance to make great savings, our multi-stop and repositional Transatlantic cruises offer an ideal compromise - plenty of time at sea to enjoy life onboard your luxury cruise liner, as well as time to explore exciting port destinations around the world. Whether you want to start in Europe or America, make huge savings on a repositional cruise from the Mediterranean to Europe or you're looking for destination inspiration with our low cost, last minute Transatlantic cruise deals, we can help you book an adventure of a lifetime.

The Best Time of Year to Take a Transatlantic Cruise

For true Transatlantic cruises - those crossing from Southampton to New York on a non-stop sailing, the best weather is found during the European and North American summer months, although these are also the most expensive months to travel. For a repositional Transatlantic cruise, these will usually leave from the Mediterranean at the end of the European summer and return at the beginning of the summer season. Keep in mind that weather and sea conditions are unpredictable during the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June-November.

Which Cruise Lines offer Transatlantic Sailings?

At Cruise Nation, we offer a number of Transatlantic cruise packages from the biggest names in the industry. These state-of-the-art liners allow passengers to take advantage of numerous onboard amenities, including luxury accommodation, leisure facilities, world-class entertainment and fine-dining. The cruise liners that provide Transatlantic cruise packages are:

Transatlantic Cruise & Stay Packages

If you're hoping to find a great value for money deal and extend your holiday at the same time, one of our fantastic Cruise and Stay Packages could be just what you're looking for. Cruise Nation offers a wide selection of Cruise and Stay deals, which come with accommodation included in the total cost. Choose from a Cruise and Stay package with a city stay either before or after your Transatlantic cruise, giving you the chance to explore cities including New York, Boston and Miami.

Why Book a Transatlantic Cruise with Cruise Nation?

As the official Number 1 Cruise Holiday Retailer in the UK, Cruise Nation is dedicated to bringing our customers the best range of deals on low-cost cruises. Our team of cruise advisors have first-hand experience of both classic Transatlantic cruises and repositional cruises, giving them the knowledge they need to provide customers with a full range of support and advice. We know the industry better than anyone else, meaning we can find you the best deals for your money and assist you in every stage of the booking process. Get in touch with one of our expert team today and find out how much you can save on a Transatlantic cruise.

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