World Cruises

When it comes to setting off on that cruise of a lifetime, many people look forward to having the chance to explore exotic and exciting destinations that you simply cannot achieve from any other type of holiday. And with many cruise lines now branching out to far and wide locations around the world, there’s never been a better time to visit the Far East.

With oriental charm, rich heritage and much to see, a cruise to the Far East is certainly full of new and memorable experiences that will keep you entertained and captivate you from the start.

Its distinct and spellbinding nature gives off a splendour that is too good to miss. From impressive Buddhist temples, to the stunning beaches of Thailand and Indonesia, the Far East has an array of amazing, must-see locations that will leave you hungry to come back for more.

Experience the burst of culture, tantalise your tastebuds with a selection of the local cuisine, and let a cruise to the Far East take you on an unforgetable adventure and beyond your wildest expectations.

Weather in World Cruise Destinations


The ability to travel across the world via cruise is a truly once in a lifetime experience.

But the reason world cruise packages are so popular is that travellers can spend one month or more at sea - enjoying all the benefits of voyaging by luxury liner. There is also the added benefit of having a set itinerary, without having to worry about booking lots of hotels independently.

Some of the most popular world cruise destinations include; The United States and South AmericaCanada and the North PoleAsia and the PacificAfrica, The Far East, Europe and Antarctica.

Many of these destinations are interchangeable - with some world package deals even offering cruisers the chance to visit every continent in one trip.

Overall, there’s nothing quite like the experience of waking up in a new destination every morning - something which is only possible with an around the world cruise.

So if you fancy seeing the seven wonders of the world in one trip, or visiting as many continents as you can in a short period of time, then this is definitely the option for you.


At Cruise Nation, we offer an excellent range of Cruise and Stay packages for our customers. This is the perfect way to experience a world cruise - giving you the opportunity to spend more time at the destinations of your choice.

So if there is a beautiful city that you want to visit for an extra night or two, then a Cruise and Stay package lets you do exactly that.

Additionally, our team of cruise specialists know exactly what goes into finding the perfect cruise package. Whether you’re looking for a last minute deal, or a luxury voyage across the seas, then we have a range of offers to make your cruise even more special.

Please have a look at our selection of world cruise deals.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak with one of our cruise specialists - feel free to contact us today on 0333 455 8500.

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