Africa Cruises

Cruise Nation offer a phenomenal range of cruise package deals to every corner of the globe - including the vast, beautiful, and extremely varied continent of Africa. With an innumerate number of scenic cruise tours, there are a number of stunning locations throughout this continent that can be visited by ship.

Some of the most popular and beautiful stop-offs in our African cruises include Cape Town, St. Helena, and the sandy coast of Walvis Bay. Providing the opportunity for adventure and culture, African cruises promise an experience like no other voyage on earth. Our African cruises are run by renowned cruise lines such as Cunard and MSC Cruises, and are great for those who really want to emerge themselves in a new and exciting surroundings.

For those who prefer a long-haul cruise, many of our most popular cruise packages also include extended journeys to the Canary Islands and Australia. This is the perfect opportunity for people who love the idea of travelling for an extended period of time - from three weeks to 50+ days.

Weather in Africa

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Once you’ve had your fill of this beautiful country, there are a fantastic selection of cruise trips to South Africa and beyond. Cape Town is the most popular stop-off this stunning location, providing cruises with a wonderful opportunity to experience the local culture and explore. From surfing, to sand boarding - Cape Town is an incredible city filled with plenty to keep you occupied whilst on your cruise.

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In addition to travelling to South Africa, Cruise Nation also offer voyages to stunning Egypt. Giving cruisers the ultimate opportunity to see the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, and ancient Luxor temples - these cruises are highly sought after and truly memorable. There are few more magical or enchanting ways to begin your journey to Africa than with a cruise to Ancient Egypt.



With our fantastic Cruise and Stay packages, customers will have the opportunity to spend more time at the destination of their choice. So if you want to go paragliding in Cape Town, or enjoying the cultural sites of Sydney, you can do exactly that. The benefit of purchasing one of our Cruise & Stay packages is that you can bundle your costs into one convenient fee. This lets you enjoy the best of both worlds - travelling the coasts of Africa in style, whilst also staying in the inland accommodation of your choosing.

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At Cruise Nation, we are proud to offer an unparalleled service - helping our customers to choose the ultimate cruise experience that is unique to them. With first hand experience of cruising, we are in the best possible position to help you discover the cruise package that will create memories that last a lifetime.

If safaris are your thing, or you’d love to visit Cape Town, then take a look at our deals and see if the perfect cruise is out there just waiting for you to board. We are continuously updating our list of cruise package deals to Africa, so please visit our website to check for any updates. Alternatively, please contact us today on 0333 455 8547.

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