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A holiday to Bali is an experience which will leave you in awe. This island and province of Indonesia is also known as ‘Land of the Gods’ due to the incredible panoramic scenery which features volcanic mountains, forests, seemingly endless beaches and neatly tiered rice terraces which have become an iconic image of Bali.

Whether you’re just considering a holiday to Bali or it’s somewhere that’s always been on your bucket list, read our destination highlights below to discover even more reasons why you should head there in a heartbeat...

For many, what draws them to Bali is the water. The incredible beaches and surfing opportunities are a magnet for those who love the outdoors. Bali is also part of the Coral Triangle, a high biodiversity area for marine species. In this particular area alone there’s over 500 species of reef-building coral – about 7 times as many as the entire Caribbean! Much of the island is surrounded by coral and for this reason it’s a hugely popular area for diving and snorkelling too.

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