Virgin Voyages

The Countdown is on!

On the 22nd February, the very first Virgin Voyages ship will arrive in the UK! Scarlet Lady will be docked in Dover where the British Press will give her the once over and see everything she has to offer!

Prepare for the 24/7 festival!

Virgin Voyages have released a sneak peek of their much anticipated Scarlet Lady, their beautiful, high-tech, luxury ship, and we are pretty psyched! With more than 20 restaurants and bars- including a state of the art Test Kitchen and The Manor; a stunning, 70s inspired live theatrical venue meets nightclub- there's something for literally everyone.

If you ever get done partying and feel like it's not too early to make a start on next year's New Year's Resolutions, you can work-out overlooking the sea, finally get your sleeve finished, or retreat to pure tranquility at The Crow's Nest.

With a no-kids policy and the hottest live DJ events, Virgin Voyages are creating a groundbreaking party capital on the ocean- you just need to get there.

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