We’re certainly not the only ones who think Scandinavia is beautiful… check out these Instagram photos that have captured stunning scenery and points of interest…


Scandinavia is a beautiful part of Northern Europe which includes three different yet magnificent countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It’s possibly one of the most beautiful parts of Europe, as it has a massive selection of beautiful locations that would leave you awestruck.

If you wanted to see these sights, it used to be that you’d have to actually go to the country, but thanks to modern technology you can admire these sights from the comfort of your own home. One of the popular ways to capture images socially is through Instagram, with 150 million users active on a monthly basis.

What makes Instagram unique is how it allows you to add filters to pictures without having to learn how to use programs such as Photoshop or GIMP. Scandinavia is a destination we love at Cruise Nation, so we’ve scoured the internet for 15 of the best pictures which show why this location is so amazing.

1. This vertigo inducing picture was taken on top of Preikestolen in Norway. It’s a steep cliff which is 604 metres high and has an almost flat top which is 25 by 25 metres long. It’s a popular tourist destination, and anywhere between 150,000 and 200,000 people visit on a yearly basis.

One of the reasons we love this picture is how brave the photographer is, we certainly wouldn’t be able to do it without suffering a heart attack or severe vertigo! The beauty of this natural landmark is also astonishing, and if there was anything that tempted you to visit Norway then this should be why.

2. Next is this amazing picture which doesn’t only show off a beautiful fjord in Norway, but it also shows off a mysterious building which is built on top of the water. Like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this leaves so many questions. Does someone live there? Is it used for sailing? Do they have to worry about flooding?

If someone does live here, they truly have one of the most amazing views in the world. The sound of lapping water is calming as well, which would ensure you’d get a good nights sleep every time.

3. This is a picture that makes us want to pack everything up and visit Scandinavia. The clear blue sky and natural woodland displays all of the beauty this part of the world has to show off, with the boat boasting just one of the ways you can explore. With the sun sneaking in the corner to show off how good the weather can be.

4. With this picture we’re over in Sweden, and what a great picture it is. It’s so beautiful that it would look perfect on a postcard. What makes this picture so great is just how peaceful and serene the immediate area is, but in the distance you can see a number of people enjoying the sea.

Talking about sea, just look how blue it is. The photographer may be a fair distance away from it, but you can see how clear and calm it is. Natural beauty is something Scandinavia is famous for, and this picture is a living testament.

5. Europe is well known for having a massive passion when it comes to cycling, but with this picture Northern Europe has the proof to back up this claim. Taken in Denmark, if you’re able to count all of the bikes in the picture then you deserve a medal.

What makes this picture so amazing other than it being filled with bikes is just how various the models are. There’s a multitude of colours and accessories which shows just how important this form of transport is.

6. When we first saw this picture we expected a group of vikings to come charging over the horizon. It gives you a good idea of what the climate can be like in Scandinavia, so if you do choose to visit it may be wise to wear a jacket.

One of the things that made us love this picture so much is how close the buildings are to the sea. It must be amazing waking up every morning and being able to poke your head out the window to bask in the cool, refreshing sea breeze.

7. When we first laid eyes on this picture we thought it was a screenshot from a video game. It was actually taken in Norway, and once we found out we understood why stories of trolls and other mythical beasts come from this area. A fantasy film could be filmed here and it would look realistic.

Another great aspect of this picture is the natural pathway that allows you to cross the water. Unfortunately due to the direction of this photo you can’t see how large the body of water is, although we like to think that it would be impossible to traverse without the use of the stone pathway.

8. Perhaps this photo is one of the simplest we have featured, but it’s still incredibly powerful. It was taken by a person as they just set off from Denmark, with their destination being Germany. What we find so amazing is how you can see more of Scandinavia in the distance, showing you just how vast this part of the world is.

Another interesting thing about this photo is how the majority of people are looking at the country they’ve just set off from. From the previous pictures you’ve seen how beautiful it is, so there’s no mystery why they’re doing this.

9. This may seem like a fairly simple picture for most people, but the reason we like it so much is because it shows people that Scandinavia isn’t only countryside. It’s clear to see how heavily populated this part of the world is, and as we stated in an earlier picture you can spot a good number of cyclists.

10. Another picture that’s fairly simple yet effective, this picture was taken on the Swedish coast as the sun was setting. The sea is an interesting part of nature that can instantly capture a persons attention. It might be the waves lapping or simply staring out into the horizon that makes the sea so interesting, but regardless this makes a great picture.

The timing of this picture is perfect, as you can clearly see the exact area the waves have been hitting. Even though there’s low light conditions you can still see the beautiful blue with a green tint sea, something that Scandinavia is famous for.

11. This photo takes a lot of people by surprise because they probably didn’t realise that Scandinavia has a desert. It shows just how barren some of the areas are, with this being untouched other than the road you can slightly see. One of the reasons this picture is one of our favourites is due to how low the clouds look, as if you can could reach up and touch them.

12. Scandinavia has an interesting history, with Vikings being from this part of the world. This picture was taken in the Viking ship museum, showcasing the sort of ships they would use when going on raids. Once we found out that they would sail all the way to America in ships like this we were completely amazed.

13. This picture is possibly one of the most beautiful additions we’ve included in this list. The view is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. All you can see is natural beauty. There’s no man made structures at all, and the way you can see the waves crashing against the beach with no one around gives you a real sense of isolation.

14. Perhaps an addition you weren’t expecting to see, this is a picture from a water park in Sweden. This location looks amazing, with an adrenaline filled steep slide to the right, and a variety of other attracts scattered around. You can also look off into the distance where you’re greeted with an amazing view.

15. It’s not just natural beauty that Scandinavia has on offer, as this building in Sweden clearly proves. It looks like it has been added in through a computer, but it’s just the way the building has been constructed. The tinted glass reflects off the glass to give it this amazing effect.

If you look carefully you can see a viewing section where you’ll be able to look over Scandinavia. Now if only we could find someone who has taken an Instagram photo from the top of there.

Scandinavia, a place of beauty

These are just 15 examples, but it’s easy to see just how beautiful this part of the world is. There’s just so much to appreciate, and one of the best ways to see Scandinavia is to follow the footsteps of Vikings and go by sea. There are numerous cruise lines that go to this part of the world, so if you’re taken back by the pictures we’ve shown, be sure to book one today.

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