There’s no better way to start off the New Year than with an exciting adventure! If you’re planning a cruise holiday for this time of year, read on to discover our top destinations to visit.

As 2015 looms like a rising sun, and the last of the Christmas dinner is polished off, many people’s minds may begin to wander towards the New Year. Setting resolutions and goals in preparation to make the coming months even better than those that have passed, it is often a time for reflection and introspection. For many, a dream for the next year is exploring and adventuring across more of our beautiful planet. Whilst Christmas is a holiday filled with hustle, bustle and wrapping paper, the months of January and February can offer escapes to breathtaking destinations.

Better yet, for ultimate relaxation, a cruise can provide the pleasures of a luxury resort whilst travelling to some of the greatest places on earth. Cruise Nation love giving people truly unforgettable memories on some of the finest cruise lines in the world. There is no better time than the start of the year for a global voyage. So what better way to begin in style than on board a luxury vessel, gracefully gliding to foreign lands filled with promise and wonder?

We’ve selected a few of the best destinations to visit at the beginning of the year, and below you’ll find voyages of majesty and excitement just waiting to be discovered.

Cruises to Dubai

The land of rolling desert planes and an exotic trading heritage is also one of the premier tourist destinations on the planet. This is thanks in part to the massive development projects as a result of the area’s incredible financial standing. Dubai is quickly becoming a must visit city for those who have a taste for the finer things in life. As the shopping capital of the world, it certainly endeavours to provide some of the most luxurious and well known brands to all who visit its pristine shores. Alongside superb beaches and family friendly resorts, you’ll witness some of the world’s most innovative and groundbreaking architecture such as the Burj al Arab. A must-see sight here is the Palm Jumeriah, an incredibly ambitious project to produce a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree. The first of these was finally finished in 2014, offering a wide selection of hotels and residential areas on this unbelievable plot of land. There’s plenty for both adults and children alike, with a huge collection of beaches offering views of the glorious Persian Gulf and an endless amount of shopping centres. For those considering a trip to the beach, entrance to a beach club such as the Jumeirah Beach Resort won’t go amiss, offering an all inclusive experience and a number of extra attractions.The Beach Resort is also home to Wadi World, one of the most advanced water parks in the world that combines slides, free fall drops and incredible theming all indoors. A trip to the Dubai Mall will see all the family jumping for joy, with some of the world’s top retail brands lined up alongside SEGA Academy theme park and Kidzania for the younger family members. January and February are the coldest months in the Dubai calendar, but this only acts in favour of tourists, as the drop in temperature remains at around 20c, the same as a British summer.

Visit Hawaii

If you’re wishing to sail away from the harsh winter colds, then Hawaii will offer you a glorious golden respite from the frost. With world famous beaches and a fascinating and wonderful native culture, there’s a great deal to explore all year around. Possibly one of the most interesting things about Hawaii is just how much difference there can be from island to island. Whilst each offer lush vegetation and immense views of the ocean, there various different activities to take part in on each island. In the winter months, similar to Dubai, the temperature drops but to a more amiable climate for Brits searching for sun. It also provides additional activities that the summer heat makes difficult. Hawaii is a place for lovers of the outdoors, and in January and February the Big Island offers exhilarating treks through beautiful rain forests and horseback riding. Maui offers a more luxurious experience with a world class golf course to tee off from, and some of the finest restaurants in the area. Best of all, the low season of the early 2015 months mean that you won’t be clambering for reservations or crossing your fingers for cancellations.

It cannot go without mentioning, of course, that Hawaii is one of the greatest spots on earth for surfing and watersports, and the weather will allow you to avoid the harsher high temperatures that come with summer as well as the busier crowds. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a first time surfer, there’s a massive range of activities to keep you busy, or some brilliant golden sands to sit back and enjoy a cocktail in a coconut. Hawaii, whilst a state in the USA, has a unique and distinct culture to the rest of the country and experiencing Luau and its authentic cuisine is a must for visitors. Different types of cooking are provided on each of the islands and bring together the rich tapestry of their history. January and February can provide you with a trip to Hawaii that has a fairer climate and less tourists. This offers the best chance for relaxation and exploration.

Explore South America along the Mexican Riviera

South America has been the dark horse of the cruise world for many years. Offering awe-inspiring cliff faces with incredible waterfalls alongside the excitement and majesty of the carnival, the area is a delight both on and off your ship. In recent years, many of the cruise stops offs have undergone dramatic redevelopment, cleaning up many of the previous misconceptions of the area. Now, a tour around South America will offer you experience of a unique series of cultures along with every other aspect you expect from a great hotel in a warm climate. From the traveller’s charm of Buenos Aires through to the exciting samba beat that rings through Rio De Janeiro, the joys and versatility of a cruise truly come into their own when stepping aboard a South America bound voyage. Whether you’re seeking water sports in the Mexican Gulf, or the old world historical elegance of San Juan, there truly is a whole world of possibilities waiting to be explored. January and February are the hotter periods of weather in South America, and you may find yourself in high temperatures with high humidity. However, the area pulls out all the stops for it’s high season and you’ll benefit from the lower visitor numbers.

Take a trip to the Caribbean

Nearly all year round a trip to Caribbean would never go amiss, but in January and February you could venture to these exotic and exciting destinations with a more agreeable weather and lower visiting numbers. Gorgeous beaches and friendly locals will provide you with a trip packed with possibility, being able to relax in a luxury resort, or go all out with an exploration of the incredible cultures across the various islands. Cruises will generally set sail from a destination in the US, providing you with the opportunity to experience even more culture along the way. Grand Bahama Isle combines both the luxury of a world class resort with undeniable natural beauty. Here, you’ll find incredible locations for diving with views of breathtaking scenery. The area is home to some of the most diverse fish species on the planet, making a trip beneath the waves a must. For those seeking a more authentic Caribbean experience, head over to the port island of Antigua, which boasts a plethora of beaches and some fascinating historical sights. Nelson’s Dockyard and the public marketplace both offer unforgettable experiences combined with a taste of Caribbean history. As you’d expect, and we’ve spoken about before, the Caribbean hosts an almost criminally underrated dining scene, with delicious home style cooking alongside award winning restaurants. Whatever cuisine you’re after, you’ll be able to find it, with a whole range of restaurants serving local delicacies of ginger beer, pork, rum and perfect comfort food.

Travel to Australasia

Set on the other side of the world to the UK, with this comes a reversal of the seasons, so whilst the Brits celebrate their Christmas indoors by the fire, a proud Australian tradition is to have a barbecue on the beach. With this seasonal shift travellers are offered the chance to explore an incredible part of the world, seeing beautiful landscapes, diverse wildlife and experiencing luxury from across the globe. Cruises offer the best of both New Zealand and Australia, with trips starting in Auckland and venturing throughout Australasia. The western culture of the country means that it’s possible to explore a whole other country whilst still having some home comforts within reach.

Head south to Antarctica

Whilst many seeking a winter escape may be attempting to retreat from the icy weather, those looking to embrace it will find outstanding beauty with a trip down to Antarctica. Almost like another world, Antarctica provides visitors with some of the most beautiful landscapes time and time again. Cruises provide visitors with a luxurious way to explore this inhospitable area, with some absolutely awesome views from the comfort of your very own room. Penguins, Whales, Seals and even the elusive Orca are known to live in this area. What better way to continue the Christmas magic than by seeing a penguin out in the wild?

Best Cruise Destinations for Early 2015

For those looking to start 2015 with smooth sailing, then any of the above mentioned destinations will provide an unforgettable cruise and all the benefits of more agreeable weather and lower visitor numbers. These locations offer a wide range of opportunities for relaxation and excitement, as well as some superb sights and areas of natural beauty. If you’d like to find out more about these destinations, or you want to escape on a luxury cruise over the next two months, then head over to our main website or call us on 0800 408 0757.