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5 Shore Excursions on a Panama Canal Cruise

We recently named the Panama Canal as our cruise destination of the month thanks to its fascinating voyage through the isthmus connecting North and South America as well as the rich and varied culture that a Panama Canal cruise encompasses. Travelling from America’s Floridian east coast, through the Caribbean and Central America before landing on the west coast means that you’ll experience the best of many different worlds.

While the main highlight of the trip, particularly for those bucketlisters, is travelling through the Panama Canal itself, the way to truly experience everything a Panama cruise has to offer is by taking advantage of the shore excursions available. Here are …

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panama canal

Cruise Destination of the Month: Panama Canal

Separating North America from South America, the Panama Canal is one of the most impressive engineering feats in the world. Often dubbed the “Crossroads of the World”, the famed isthmus was transformed into a canal to allow easier passage, with the digging begun in 1880 by the French and completed by the US, opening for transit for the first time in August 1914.

For many, this is a trip to tick off the bucket list. In years gone by, cruisers would have had to take an 8000 mile journey to round the bottom of South America in order to reach the other side, but today, the 48 mile passing takes only …

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should we take dogs on cruise

Should Dogs be Allowed on Cruises?

Should our four-legged friends be allowed on cruise ships?


Today is the start of the world’s largest dog show event, Crufts, which showcases some of the most obedient and loyal dogs striving for a first place trophy in a series of competitions. It’s no secret here at Cruise Nation HQ, that we are big dog fans and we can’t wait to tune in to watch the annual event.

However, being involved with travel in our working day, we can’t help but wonder… should more cruise lines be willing to cater for our lovable four-legged friends?

There is Only One Dog Friendly Cruise Line…

Out of all of the major cruise lines, …

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Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

In honour of Employee Appreciation Day, we decided to give you an insight of what it is like to be a Cruise Nation member of staff…

Getting up in the morning can be like Groundhog Day for some workers – it is the same routine of get up, get ready, go to work and get back home.

At Cruise Nation, things are a little different. Our Managing Director, Phil Evans, has created a great work/life balance environment which is often something that employers overlook.

He always welcomes staff’s children to visit the office, work at home days and other flexible benefits to create an easy and stress free working environment.  There is …

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