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Top Cruise Holiday Destinations to Visit in January/February

There’s no better way to start off the New Year than with an exciting adventure! If you’re planning a cruise holiday for this time of year, read on to discover our top destinations to visit.

As 2015 looms like a rising sun, and the last of the Christmas dinner is polished off, many people‚Äôs minds may begin to wander towards the New Year. Setting resolutions and goals in preparation to make the coming months even better than those that have passed, it is often a time for reflection and introspection. For many, a dream for the next year is exploring and adventuring across more of our beautiful planet. Whilst Christmas is …

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Reptile sitting on a rock in Galapagos

6 Unconventional Cruise Destinations

From the Amazon rainforest to the icecaps of Antarctica, here’s 6 cruise destinations you might not have thought of…


When people think of cruise ships they usually think of gigantic floating hotels that people go to leisurely sunbathe on. Not many people consider going on a unconventional cruise, or think outside the box when planning their trip. Some people prefer to go on a trip that offers a sense of adventure, all the while still offering the luxuries you would find on a standard cruise ship. A lot of these unconventional cruises focus on the beauty that nature has to offer. Natural shores in locations such as Alaska, Antarctica and Scandinavia …

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