So, you’re thinking of booking a cruise or you already booked it, but you have lots of niggling worries?  We look at the top ten things you really don’t have to worry about when getting ready for your cruise as long as you plan ahead.

Norwegian Bliss in Alaska rendering

Missing Your Cruise or Flight

Instead of worrying that you will miss your cruise or flight, make sure to leave early or go a day ahead of time to ensure a relaxing start.  If you need to book a flight home afterwards, you will be fine as long as the flight is in the afternoon.

Getting Sea Sick

We have all seen and heard stories of people becoming so seasick that they couldn’t enjoy their cruise. The thing is, these stories are often age old, as modern cruise ships are extremely stable, and you probably won’t even notice you are on a cruise ship after the first day or so. On top of that, there are so many motion sickness remedies nowadays, whether you take a tablet, a patch or wear a pressure point wrist band.

Sea Sickness

Booking a cabin with a sea view can help and the newer ships also have screens in the inside rooms displaying video scenes of the horizon outside to help avoid motion sickness.  If you know you are prone to feeling queasy, booking a cabin on the lower deck toward the middle of the ship will also help to avoid this.

Bad Weather

While checking the average weather in the area you are planning to go to is a good idea, there is no need to worry about bad weather months ahead of your cruise as it won’t achieve anything. Do your research on the area, ask advice on what the best time is to go for you, and then wait until a couple of weeks before your cruise before double checking what the weather will be like.


Speaking of bad weather, hurricanes seem to be the weather event most cruises worry about.  If you’re going to a hurricane zone in hurricane season (between June and November) speak to the cruise line to ask about their policies and insurance.  And rest assured that if there is a storm during your cruise, the ship will sail to an area of calm waters and sunny skies as soon as possible.

Room Noise

It’s unfortunately impossible to tell which state rooms are going to be noisier.  The best thing you could do is join a cruise forum to find out about the rooms on the ship you’re thinking of booking. Sound insulation varies by cruise ship.  On many ships you would not hear someone in the cabin next to yours but on some you might.  It’s always a good idea to look at the ships diagram to see what is above your cabin if you want a quiet room.


Some first time-cruisers are scared that they may feel bored on sea days or are afraid they may not have fun.  Trust us, there is just so much to do on modern cruise ships that you can try out something new ever day and never get bored.  Just choose the cruise ship that best suits your needs and sea days will quickly become your favourite days on the cruise.

Fellow Passengers

If you’re worried about fellow passengers ruining your cruise, firstly make sure you only book with people you love.  Secondly, there are so many different people on board that you have a vast choice of who you want to befriend.

If you’re worried about dinner mates, the people some cruise ships assign to sit with you every night, there are ways around it. If you want the same seating every night and just don’t click with the couple next to you, the ship will easily assign you another table.  Or if you want to meet new people every night, opt for a flexible dining option to get a different table every night.

Dress Code

Nowadays you don’t have to worry too much about the dress code on board.  Most restaurants and bars have a smart casual dress code, while some pool side facilities accept casual wear and even swimwear. You should however pack one or two formal outfits if you want to dine out in style as some restaurants have formal nights where you can dress up to the nines.

Is tap water safe to drink on cruise ship?

Avoid the costly mistake of buying bottled water in bulk ahead of your cruise.  Cruise ship water is perfectly safe to drink and is much better than normal tap water.

Internet Connection

Internet aboard cruise ships have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years.  Most of them now have bow to stern Wi-Fi and in-ship apps which allow you to communicate with family, friends, and crew members. The ships app is also a great way to check out a dress code, book a table, alert them of any food allergies, or even chat to fellow guests.

The new apps also make it much easier to pay for certain services, open your cabin door and keep track of your cruise companions.  These facilities are great for kids, as you will always be able to locate them.

Remember the less you worry, not only will you have a better time anticipating your upcoming cruise, but the better time you will have once you are on board.  Just do your homework and then relax and enjoy!