Norwegian Escape Cruise Liner

First Look at the Norwegian Escape Cruise Ship


Here’s some insider pictures and videos of the new Norwegian Escape cruise ship before it’s official launch!


We’re just months away from the official launch of the Norwegian Escape cruise liner at the end of October this year and we thought it was time we gave you the inside scoop of what exactly you can find onboard this incredible new ship.

Take a look at this virtual tour of the ship in this video created by Norwegian Escape…



Want a closer look? Check out our gallery of some of the main areas of the ship below…


Headliners Comedy Club

Guppies Play Area

Sports Complex

Manhattan Room

Savor Restaurant

Norwegian Cruise Lines: Escape

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Sun Deck onboard Princess Cruise Ship

Sun Means Sun Decks

Here at Cruise Nation, we’re a company which proudly provides its customers with wonderful cruises all year round – not just in the summer. We believe that a cruise in the winter can be just as luxurious and enjoyable as one which takes place in the summer.


However, as summer is drawing increasingly closer, it could be quite strongly argued that we’re all itching to break out the sun creams and lotions, not to mention indulge in cold refreshments such as ice lollies and the odd chilled alcoholic or carbonated beverage. Anyone who’s ever been on a cruise in the height of summer will tell you how great they are – …

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Cruise Nation Wins Best UK Cruise Agent for Costa Cruises Award

Cruise deals company Cruise Nation has officially become Best UK Cruise Agent for Costa Cruises after winning the prestigious award at the Costa Champions of the Seas event.


The event, which took place onboard the Costa Luminosa, is dedicated to highlighting Costa Cruises’ best trade partners, and was held on Sunday May 11th. All in all, thousands of Costa Cruises’ greatest travel agents from Europe, Asia and Africa boarded the Costa Luminosa. Cruise Nation won out in the end though, by achieving the sought-after Best UK Cruise Agent for Costa Cruises award.

Phil Evans, Managing Director of Cruise Nation said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have won this prestigious …

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Cruise Ship in Panama Canal

A History of Cruise Ships: From Past to Present

For over 100 years, people have been using cruise ships to travel. As one of the longest-standing methods of travel – find out have cruise ships have changed and grown over the decades.


Nothing can beat being on a cruise ship. With numerous restaurants,forms of entertainment available and numerous destinations across the world. It doesn’t matter if you want a full blown adventure through the wildlife of Alaska, or to chill and soak in the sun on a mediterranean cruise, there will always be a cruise tailored for you. Modern luxury liners provide journeys through many different countries and ports. The history of cruise ships and the way technology has …

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Dining on Holland America Cruises

Deluxe Dining: A Rundown of the Best Cruise Restaurants

If you’re feeling hungry then look away now because we’re here to give you a run-down of the top cruise ship restaurants.


One of the main reasons why people love cruise holidays is the chance to dine in absolute luxury, with celebrity chef-owned restaurants and gourmet food on tap. If great food is always the highlight of your holiday, a cruise definitely won’t disappoint. For those that like to meticulously plan out their dining options, consider looking into which cruises offer up the best for a foodlover, so you can ensure you have lots to look forward to.

Here are just some of the best on-board restaurants from cruise companies:


Azamara cruises …

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Regal Princess Cruise Ship

The Most Exciting New Cruise Ships!

With numerous new ships set for release within the next few years, here are just a few that we at Cruise Nation are looking forward to the most.
Norwegian Getaway.

Set for its maiden voyage in January 2014, this striking ship’s hull art was designed by artist David Lebatard, inspired by the ocean and sun. With on ship entertainment including magic shows and theatrical productions, a cruise on this ship offers something for the whole family. A tonnage of 146,600 and capacity of 4,028 makes this liner one of the largest in the world.

Regal Princess

Scheduled to set sail in June 2014, the Regal Princess is the sister ship to the

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