Princess Cruise Deals

Cruise Line of the Month – Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is a cruise line owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC and was previously owned by P&O Princess Cruises and is part of the Holland America Group. The line has seventeen ships, with two new ones currently in the pipeline. In 2013, the Royal Princess became its flagship and she was followed by her sister ships, the Regal Princess in 2014 and the Majestic princess in 2017. They have three more ships planned for this class of flagship vessel. Their Early Beginnings in the Sixties Princess Cruises had rather humble beginnings in 1965 with a single cruise ship sailing to Mexico. They have since done a lot to pave […]

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Princess cruises new hull design on Majestic Princess

Princess Cruises Unveils New Hull Design

 Take a look at the new hull design on Majestic Princess…   This week Princess cruise line unveiled a new hull design on the Majestic Princess. The Majestic Princess is currently still being built in the shipyard (set for launch in summer 2017), however it’s the first ship in the Princess fleet to feature the design which will be rolled out across the others over the next few years. The new design features the iconic Princess logo in the blue of the brand across a white background. Currently the rest of the fleet are painted a simple, clean white so the addition of the logo makes a striking and refreshing […]

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5 of the best cruise ship spas

Spa at Sea: Your Guide To Cruise Ship Spas

  Discover five of the best cruise ship spas and what makes them special.   The ocean is synonymous with relaxation and providing a calming effect to your mind and body. So really, it makes perfect sense that spas have become one of the main fixtures in the grand cruise ships of today. With panoramic ocean vistas to look out on, there couldn’t be a better view for helping you to ease away those knots and tensions as your spa therapist works their magic. In this blog you?ll find 5 of our favourite cruise ship spas and what makes them special?   1. Canyon Ranch on Celebrity Cruises   Celebrity […]

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