Princess Cruises is a cruise line owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC and was previously owned by P&O Princess Cruises and is part of the Holland America Group. The line has seventeen ships, with two new ones currently in the pipeline.

In 2013, the Royal Princess became its flagship and she was followed by her sister ships, the Regal Princess in 2014 and the Majestic princess in 2017. They have three more ships planned for this class of flagship vessel.

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Their Early Beginnings in the Sixties

Princess Cruises had rather humble beginnings in 1965 with a single cruise ship sailing to Mexico. They have since done a lot to pave the way for the rest of the cruise industry and have always been evolving to keep meeting the needs of the modern cruiser. They are in fact so good at this that several of the Princess Cruises concepts have now been adopted by the whole cruise industry. One of these innovations is to have ‘Movies under the Stars’ where guests can enjoy open air cinema next to the pool at night.

Becoming Famous in the Seventies

A fun fact is that the company was first made famous by the very popular Love Boat TV series, as it was shot on its Pacific Princess ship. This weekly series started in 1977 and introduced millions of viewers to the concept of a sea-going vacation. The show was an instant hit and the company’s name as well as its “seawitch” logo have remained synonymous with cruising ever since. The show is still available to view and was probably the reason that cruise holidays expanded dramatically from the 1980’s onward.

The Eighties Was All About the Balcony

Princess Cruises realised a long time ago that the private balcony was the most sought-after shipboard luxury and have been building ships especially designed to accommodate this. This all started in the eighties when they were the first cruise line to offer affordable verandas, something which was only available in the most expensive suites up to then. They still offer one of the highest percentages of balcony cabins in the cruise industry.

The Nineties Brought Several New Facilities

In the mid-nineties, Princess Cruises was the first cruise line to put their guests in control of their own cruise experience. They managed this by adding a wide selection of flexible onboard facilities, services and amenities, which guests could use to make their own personal vacation experience. They were also the first cruise line to have a twenty-four-hour dining restaurant.

The Noughties Got Even Better

In 2001 Princess Cruises became the first cruise line to offer guests a choice in their main dining room experience. Gone was the days where you had to sit with the same people at the same time every night, even if this didn’t really suit you. Now you could choose between traditional or anytime dining, which put you in control of when to eat and where.

Some other Princess innovations that came to light in the noughties was the first wedding chapel at sea, and the Sanctuary, an adults-only oasis that has become exceedingly popular with passengers looking to relax away from the kid’s areas. They were also the first to host the unique Times Square-style Movies Under the Stars poolside movie screen.

What Is Happening Today?

Today, Princes Cruises have managed to become the third biggest cruise line word wide, famous for innovative ships, exceptional customer service and an array of onboard options. Yearly, they carry 1.7 million guests to their destinations around the globe, on cruises that start at three days and go up to a whopping 114 days.

The Princess Cruises Fleet

Princess’ 17-ship fleet offers a range of sizes and amenities. The line’s largest vessels include Majestic Princess (2017), Regal Princess (2014), Royal Princess (2013) Caribbean Princess (2004), Crown Princess (2006), Diamond Princess (2004), Emerald Princess (2007), Golden Princess (2001), Grand Princess (1998), Ruby Princess (2008), Sapphire Princess (2004), and Star Princess (2002). Mid-sized vessels consist of Coral Princess (2003), Island Princess (2003), Sea Princess (1998), and Sun Princess (1995); while the line’s small ship features a more intimate cruising experience aboard Pacific Princess (1999).

Never ones to rest on their laurels, The Sky Princess will arrive in October 2019 and they have just announced the Enchanted Princess.

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