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If breathtaking landscapes and the ever-shining sun are your thing then you're sure to fall in love with Sorrento! We have a variety of Sorrento Cruise & Stay Packages eachi including flights from the UK and a cruise sailing from Rome or Naples. All of our Sorrento Smart Packages feature stays in one of our hand-picked hotels in Sorrento situated in the perfect place to start exploring Sorrento and the surrounding area.

With our Sorrento Cruise & Stay packages, your flights will always be included. We also offer flights from a number of regional airports throughout the UK giving you much greater flexibility and making your holiday experience as smooth as possible.

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Sorrento appears as if out of nowhere on the road which takes you from Naples to the Sorrento Coast. The appearance is striking and dramatic, with cliffs falling into the sea and terraces of colourful houses perched along them. Legend tells that in the waters of Sorrento the mythical mermaids tempted Ulysse with an enchanting song and when he refused to listen they decided to turn into rocks. You can view these rocks today, which have been named the Li Galli islands.

Founded by the Ausoni, Sorrento was strongly influenced by the Greeks and even today Greek remains are visible at the Porta di Parsano and at the Marina Grande. Later the town passed through Etruscan, Osci and Roman dominations. Traces of these historical periods can be found throughout the town and surrounding areas. During the period of the Grand Tour of the 1800’s poets and writers, painters and dandies from all over Europe were particularly attracted to this coastal location which soon became a sought-after holiday destination for all, as a result you’ll find many 19th century hotels scattered along the coast.

Walking around the town of Sorrento is the best way to explore its culture, charm and beauty. From the quaint fishing harbor of Marina Grande to the Correale di Terranova Museum where you can learn more about the fascinating history of the area. Explore outside of the town and you’ll find rolling hills, olive trees and citrus groves filled with lemon and orange trees which add a touch of vibrant colour to the hillsides surrounding the town.

Sorrento has been welcoming visitors for centuries and as a result they’ve perfected the art of hospitality. In fact, it’s become part of the lifestyle for many who reside here and an excellent infrastructure combined with the skill of seasoned hospitality professionals will make your visit effortless and enjoyable.

Classed as a year-round destination thanks to its mild climate, abundance of countryside walks, artisan workshops, gastronomy, history and warm atmosphere, Sorrento is a highlight on any cruise itinerary – no matter what time of year you travel.

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