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April Cruises

Desperate for a springtime sailing to help put a spring in your step? You’re in luck! Our April cruise deals can take you all around the world with dreamy itineraries for a holiday you won’t forget in a hurry.

With peak season in the Caribbean finishing up, you can pick up some really good deals while the weather is still warm. As the Mediterranean season also gets underway, it’s perfect timing to book the spring getaway you’ve been yearning for, complete with balmy temperatures and incredible vistas.

Whether it's a couple's escape or treating the family over the Easter holidays, there are plenty of destinations just waiting to be explored. And the icing on the cake? Prices in the April school holidays are much more reasonable than in the height of summer, so you can enjoy great savings while still having a fantastic holiday to look forward to.

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Hot Weather Cruises in April

Don’t let the April showers get you down. Instead, warm up your spring with an incredible hot weather cruise to one or more of the most popular destinations at this time of year. So, whether you’re looking for a bit of adventure or hoping to relax, there is a springtime cruise itinerary just waiting for you. Catch the rays in the Canaries, sip a spritz in Italy or venture further afield to the Hawaiian islands.

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime at a simply lovely time of year for destinations like Barcelona, Venice and Bahamas. Not quite sure where in the world you want your April cruise to take you? Discover the highlights in some of the warmest destinations all available to cruise to as soon as you’re ready…

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April Cruises from Southampton

Whether you’re sailing away for an Easter break as a family or travelling as a pair, your cruise holiday shouldn’t be over-complicated. At Cruise Nation, we want you to be able to set off on your dream holiday as soon as possible which is why we offer a great selection of April cruises departing from Southampton. Instead of long queues at airport security, you can get stuck straight into fun-filled activities, great food and relaxation onboard some of the world’s best cruise liners. From NCL to Princess Cruises, you’ll find a great variety of cruise itineraries sailing all around the world in April directly from Southampton’s port.

Colder Weather Cruises in April

Some of the coldest places in the world can also be the most scenic. For those who don’t mind wrapping up warm, a cold-weather cruise in April can be exactly the type of holiday you’re looking for. From exploring Scandi cities like Copenhagen to traipsing around Vancouver and skiing in the Rockies as the snow begins to melt across Canada, the slightly cooler temperatures in these magical destinations let visitors see them in a whole new light.

So, if you’re not ready to let go of the winter, opt for a cold weather adventure across destinations like Alaska, Norway and Canada. Ready to see the best cold cruise deals on the market for April? Browse through our list of must-visit destinations below to get inspired before settling on your own cruise itinerary…

April Cruise FAQs

What's the best cruise to take in April?

If guaranteed sunshine is a must for your springtime cruise, it’s best to sail down to the equator. Itineraries including the Canary Islands, the southern Mediterranean and Hawaii are often the most popular at this time because of the excellent weather and laidback lifestyle. But if the weather doesn’t bother you and you’re looking for a great deal on once-in-a-lifetime adventures in far-off countries, then a transatlantic cruise to the likes of Canada or Alaska might be more your speed. Finding your perfect cruise in April couldn’t be easier with so many luxury cruise liners sailing to wonderful destinations all around the world. Plus, the seas should be beginning to calm, so it’s smooth sailing all around!

Is April a good time to go on a cruise?

April is a great time to climb onboard a cruise ship and sail to beautiful destinations. The long school break for Easter means that families can get away for longer and spend some quality time together both on and off the ship. Meanwhile, couples and solo travellers can also get away for great prices at the start and end of the month since it’s still technically out of season for most destinations. Regardless of what type of cruise holiday you’re searching for, April can bring great weather, affordable prices and incredible experiences.

Is April a busy cruise time?

The Easter school holidays and warming temperatures in the most popular destinations across the globe can make April a busy time to set sail on a cruise. That being said, it’s generally not quite as busy as the following summer months. April can be a great time to grab a bargain and miss out on the crowds at the end of the summer in the likes of the Caribbean, New Zealand and Australia.

If you’re after quieter ships, it’s usually best to book a cruise at the beginning or end of the month to avoid the rush of the school holidays in between.

Is the Caribbean Sea rough in April?

As the Caribbean comes to the end of its dry season, it’s possible that visitors might experience the odd storm at sea. Luckily, any rough sailing shouldn’t last too long! For the best weather and calmest seas, choose itineraries in the most southerly islands like Trinidad and Barbados where temperatures remain in the high 20s and sea conditions are more serene.

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