Mt. Fuji Cruise & Stay



When you think of Japan, one image will stick out. A mountain topped with snow piercing the clouds above, as cherry blossoms frame the picture. This mountain is of course Mt Fuji. Granted UNESCO World Heritage status and one of the most visited places in Japan, the mountain welcomes around 300,000 visitors every year with many attempting the popular climb to the summit.


Standing at 3776m, the highest mountain in Japan is a focal point in Honshu landscape. You can catch a bus which will take you to the Fifth station, which is about halfway up the mountain or you can meander through the towns at the bottom of it.

Not only does your holiday include a visit to Mount Fuji, it also includes a cruise on the pristine Lake Ashi and ride on the Komagatake Ropeway which boasts incredible views of Hakone National Park. Once you've had your fill of beautiful views and breahtaking mountains you head back to Tokyo via the world famous Bullet Train. Travel at over 200mph to Tokyo on one of the busiest train routes in the world!

Mount Fuji is more than a tourist destination, it's a once in a lifetime experience and with our Cruise & Stay packages you can get there!

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